Sunday, August 24, 2014

Esprique Cool BB Spray Review


I just managed to get my paws on this super cool product the ESPRIQUE Cool BB Spray SPF 30 PA++.

It has 60g of product. I am not exactly sure how much it costs but it should be 2000ish yen. Oh it is a limited edition product. It is not sold locally as well.

It only comes in one shade.

It is an essence BB cream dispensed through the spray mechanism. Unlike other spray foundations in the market, we are supposed to spray the product onto the sponge that come with it.  It's supposedly makes the skin feels 5 degrees cooler and provides pore coverage without any stickiness. It is claims to have enough product to last 2 months.

As you can see, we should not spray the product directly on the face. I very much prefer spraying it on a sponge because it prevents product from getting all over my clothes.



How to use:


Basically just shake up the bottle and spray it onto the sponge. Using upward strokes, apply the bb cream to the face.
THIS THING REALLY COOLS THE FACE. I was quite surprised when I applied onto my face because it felt so nice and cool on the face.
The product itself is super light weight it feels very good when applied on a hot day because there is no burden on the face at all.
The sponge that comes with the product is a dream though it is so bouncy and smooth.
                             BEFORE                                                    AFTER
In terms of coverage, it has a sheer to medium coverage depending on how much you layer it on. It is very easily buildable and layers on very well.
As you can see, the redness from the zit around my brows has been covered quite well and my dark circles are concealed as well.
The pore coverage is probably my favourite thing about this product. It makes my skin looks so smooth!
This lasted me a good 4-5 hours. I only blotted after lunch and my face still looked quite fresh.
It is rather troublesome though as I would have to go back and spray more product onto the sponge. Perhaps I sprayed abit too little at first? I had to respray my sponge for about 2 more times.
Also, because it only comes in one shade, I didn't feel that it brighten up my face that much. Although it did suit my skintone, I prefer using BB creams/foundations that are slightly lighter to make my face look brighter. It also wouldn't be suitable for those with darker skin.
This was hot my face looked at 3pm in the afternoon. I applied it at 7am in the morning and I relaly like how it lasts!


- Novel Concept
- Lightweight texture and Cooling Effect: The combination of the 2 features makes this super awesome for Singapore's climate.
- Good Pore Coverage
- UV protection
- Easily buildable to achieve medium coverage


- Might not be moisturizing for those with dry skin
- Limited shades (It only comes in one colour actually haha)
- Difficult to purchase: You can only get it from Japan or online
Overall, I would definitely suggest getting this if you are in Japan! Especially if you have oily skin and is looking for a product with good oil control and pore coverage. I would say give this a go if you come across it!