Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2014 Korean Haul - Club Clio & Peri Pera

HIIIII! I'm finally back and am finally deciding to get off my lazy ass and clear all these backlogs.

This is the first time I have actually bought stuff from Club Clio. They really do have an amazing makeup range though.

Also Peri Pera is also sold in Club Clio stores. I used to get them from Watsons Korea.


Virgin Kiss Tinted Lip - #11 Painkiller
16 000 KRW
A lipstick that tints your lips without the dryness that a cream/tint gives. I had to get this especially cos Alice keeps raving about how she loves it.
I also love how vibrant the colour is!
Virgin Kiss Lipnicure - #4 Cynical Orange
8000 KRW
These normally retail for 16 000 KRW. There was a 50% off sale for some items.
I have always wanted to try these, BUT they are very drying and very unforgiving because it accentuates any flakiness on the lips.
They are also very very long lasting. I tried to remove it with a makeup remover wipe and it would not budge. I had to get it off with an eye-lip makeup remover.

Virgin Kiss Lipnicure - #3 Crime Pink
16 000 KRW
I got this first and then saw the ones on sale at the checkout counter so FML. But this was the shade I have always wanted to try out. A very pretty neutral pink.

Virgin Kiss Lipnicure - #1 Trouble Peach
8000 KRW

Peri Pera Cushion Lips - OR02 Liar
10 000 KRW
The colour is practically identical to the Club Clio orange tint. I think I prefer this cos the cushion tip makes it easier to control the amount of product that goes onto the lips. Plus the cushion tip makes it easier to create the gradient lip effect and sheer out the tint.

Letter Me Waterproof Eye Crayon
4500 KRW
#5 Last Second
#3 Love Me Lots
#6 Curiousity
These are definitely my favourite buys out of this entire haul. They are so pretty when applied on and it is very long lasting.
 My favourite is #3 Love Me Lots. It is a gorgeous rose gold when blended out. I like to layer light pink shadow with gold reflex above this because it makes the colour stand out so much more.
Art Blusher - #5 Orange Peach
26 000 KRW
I have been wanting to get one of these Art Blusher since 2012. I didn't get this till this trip because it is so expensive! I can buy a MAC blusher at this price. But anyhos, it is super gorgeous and shimmery. I would use this as a highlighter or for nights out. The other colours are veryyyy pretty as well! Do check this out if you are at Club Clio!
Thats all for now! Till next time :*


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