Monday, June 16, 2014

2014 Korean Haul - Etude House


I am finally back on track (ish) with my last few installments of my 2014 Korean Haul.

I just came back from Bangkok quite recently and I must say I loveeeee that country. Shopping there is amazing and I am an official convert. Bought all my clothes for work there. LOVE IT!

Back to the haul, Etude House is one of my favourite chain Korean cosmetic brand and my favourite things to get there are their lip products and beauty tools oh yes and their liquid eyeliner that is the ultimate water/sweat proof thing ever.

Flamingo Eyebrow Razor
1500 KRW
Because I do my brows myself, I have tried out so many different types of eyebrow razor and this is hands down the best razor I have used. The blade is very sharp, so it gives a very clean shave without irritating the skin.
2000 KRW
I just wanted to get one of these to hold up my hair when I am applying masks haha. Apart from these beauty tools that I got, I highly recommend Etude House's brushes. They are of super good quality and very inexpensive as well!
AC Clinic Intense Extractor
3000 KRW
I do extract blackheads myself so I am very particular about extractors. I choose to get this because the 'circle' is thicker so it makes it less painful.

Oh M' Eye Liner - #1
4000 KRW
I had to get this cos my Dollywink eyeliner smudges on me extra bad whenever I am in Korea I don't know why but it does. Love the formulation of this liner but I do hate the brush though.
Minnie Touch Blusher
15 000KRW
I got this after trying out my friend's one. It is a super pretty girly shade of pink when all the colours are swirled together. I do feel that it is pretty pricey though because Etude House blushers are generally about 8000 KRW
Wonder Pore Freshener
15 000 KRW
I have been wanting to try this for a long time but just never got around to actually buying it. I finally got it cos I want to use it with my Hitachi Hada Crie. It does work well for the cleansing step!

Love Me Forever Eau De Perfume
9600 KRW
They were having a sale for the fragrances and Etude House fragrances are pretty good I must say.
Vivid Pop Stick - #2 This Love
7500 KRW
This is sorta like the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip stains. It feels very moisturising and the colour is very vibrant in real life.
Rosy Tint Lips - #6 English Garden
8500 KRW

Love how this entire range smells like roses. The most popular makeup item in Korea now has to be these lip creams/ lip stains. There are so many variations out there I don't even know how to start choosing. I chose this because it is super wearable and the formulation is more moisturising than many of the other brands.
Rosy Lip Tint - #1
8500 KRW
I wanted a bright hot red and this was the closest to what I wanted so I had to get it. Plus these double up as a cheek stain too.

Colour Lips Fit - #PK 002
9000 KRW
That all for my Etude House haul! I am starting my first job tomorrow, today actually. I am so excited for the new journey of my life feels quite scary and surreal though. Till next time then!