Sunday, March 30, 2014

Get Mermaid Waves


I am alive I promise!

Just super busy with job searching, tuition, my final year paper and projects. BUT I have been trying out new beauty gadget and products that I would review once I find the time~


I finally got my hands on a waver! I have been dying to get a three barrel waver to get the mermaid wave look that I was considering perming when I go to Korea in May.

This is the TSUYAGLA waver and it's the 32mm version. There are 2 sizes, the 26mm and the 32mm.

I decided to get the 32mm because my hair is quite long and I preferred a more natural wave. I am scared to death by 'maggi mee' hai haha.

I got this on for approximately 20 SGD. Although the seller promised that this was the original version, I obviously still have my doubts because of how inexpensive it is. But it came with the sticker of authenticity. Honestly to me, it doesn't matter if it was the original version as long as it worked well. And yes it works very well. I decided to go ahead and get it because it had more than 2000 reviews and most of it was good^^ says a lot about the product imo.

This is how the waver's plates look like. It is actually very easy to work with but is a tad heavy. You'll just have to clamp it down the entire length of your hair. I just LOVE how cute it looks. The pink is adorable.

This model comes with this little knob that we have to push back to 'open up' the waver. It basically keeps the waver clamped shut, so it'll be less bulky to store.

The plug are these flat two pinned types, so I had to use an adaptor, which is not much of a hassle.

Here are some pictures of my hair about 6 hours post waving. I did not apply anything to my hair except for some argan oil for shine. I would say they last for quite a time and my hair is super hard to curl because it is so fine and stick straight.

*I used this on my hair for a night's out and it works pretty well in a humid environment too! The weather was so hot and we were sitting outdoors. Even after partying my waves were still intact, despite not being as defined as before but I have to say it works lasts a very decent amount of time! I did use some hairspray!

My hair is pretty fine and because I wanted the waves to look as natural as possible, so just divided my hair into two sections - top and bottom. If you want more volume, you can divide your hair into three sections: top, middle and bottom, and wave smaller sections of hair at one go.

For the best results, it is best to press down on the two plates where there is a raised portion of plastic(to prevent us from burning ourselves). The additional pressure would make the curls more defined

For the length of my hair, I had to do about 2-3 crimps per section of hair so the entire process was about 15 minutes which is considered very long for me cos I have absolutely no patience with doing my hair. I normally take about 5 minutes to do my C- Curls. I always end up with achey arms after using this waver haha.

- Super cute packaging
- Different heat levels: 140,160,180,200 to choose from. ( I have only used the 200 degrees mode cos my hair is super hard to curl)
- Heats up very quickly. Great for impatient people like me!
- Not bulky making it super easy for storage
- Nice shine to the hair after waving.
(I don't think the product is very damaging on the hair as well. BUT it depend's on the individual's hair texture and how damaged it already was before. I use it with a heat protectant, so I personally don't think that it is any more damaging than other products.)

- Slightly heavy

I really do like the mermaid waves and I think its very fun to have wavy hair for a change. I don't think I would be perming mermaid waves though. I think it makes me look... wilder? haha I don't know if I would like my hair to look like this all the time. But I do think that this is a good investment and I am so glad I got this!

That's all for my review! Have a good week yall!