Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Makeup Collection/ How I Store my Makeup


I am back! For now at least hehe, I have been ill for the past 2 weeks and it has been absolutely horrible. So I hope this post can make up for my long-ish absence~

I was quite hesitant to do this because my room is very small, and I do not have the luxury to have large amounts of empty space to organize my makeup. I hope this can be helpful for those of you out these who lives in a room as small as mine haha.

As you can see, majority of my table is filled with makeup products. I like using the small plastic drawers because I have had them for a super long time and it would be a waste to throw them away. Also it is also pretty useful to keep my makeup neat and organized.

I have this chest of drawers that I got from Ikea (it comes with a mirror on the top layer). I kept the top two thinner layer for my makeup and the other deeper drawers are for my accessories and other miscellaneous items.

For the first layer, as you can see houses all my eye related pencil/pen type products and all my gel and cream type eye products. I really like these trays from that I got from Daiso to store my eye pencil/pens because it has dividers that prevents it from mixing all my products into one big giant mess.

On the extreme left, I store my mascaras and jumbo eye pencils. In the ideal world, I like to keep these thicker bigger products separate from the others because it can be quite messy when jumbled up together. But sadly as you can see I have some of the bigger pencils mixed with the smaller ones cos I out of space :'(

I store all my brightening eyeliners and light coloured liners in the horizontal compartment so that it would be much easier for me to just grab one instead of having to rifle through the entire stash.

Where all my pot products and eyebrow kits lie.

Moving on to the next drawer, I store all my single eye shadow pots and eyelash glue and my used eyelashes.

I would really recommend getting a box for your used eyelashes so that it makes it much easier to store and reuse! I get all my boxes and containers from Daiso.

Now, moving on to the main and bulk of my makeup storage area. I will begin from the extreme left and move from there~

My mum got this little chest of drawer from Toyogo, and because thy are so little, I can only store the smaller products in there.

Personally, I prefer to sort my makeup products by colour. I feel that it makes it SO much easier to look for what I need.

For the first drawer, I store my coral/peach/orange coloured cream blushes. I really love the Jelly Glow blushes from Maybelline and the Apple Dome Blusher by Nature Republic.

The second drawer holds all my pink cream shadows. I LOVE the Apple Dome cream blusher from Nature Republic (more that the peachy one hahah) and the Lunasol Cream Cheeks.

Next, I store my solid perfumes and some blushers that would not fit anywhere here

And of course, my stash of eyedrops. I have very sensitive eyes so I always keep eyedrops on hand. The eyedrops by Rohto needs no more introduction from me. I would really recommend the Swan eyedrops. I got them from Taiwan and I really like them because it is abit menthol-y and has a cooling sensation that is absolute heaven when my eyes get really itchy. Do get them if you are in Taiwan!

Finally, I store my neutral coloured small eye shadow palette in the last drawer.

I really do like buying these eyeshadow palettes whenever I am in Japan or Taiwan because they are relatively inexpensive and they are really convenient to carry around. Super travel friendly!

Moving on to the next section, I got that red box from Elizabeth Arden as part of the 8 hour cream gift set.

It now storesssss TADAAAAAAA, all my coral/peach/orange powder blushes and my most commonly worn blushers. Yes I have a legit issue with coral blushers.

My favourites! Im sorry the colours looks so washed out. But it's okay it is a known fact that Angiedandie does not do great pictures. #consolesself.

Anyhoots I absolutely love the Tony Moly Cristal blushers. They are of such high quality for it's price! The rest are Fleur Power and Gentle (mineralised busher) from MAC, and Shu Uemura's Soft Coral.

As for the drawers,

Tinted lipbalms. I do not separate these by colours because they are all pretty sheer and most of my tinted lipbalms are of very similar colours haha.

The next, it has all my orange/peach/coral lipsticks.

My all time favourite lipstick. #660 Anna Sui Lip Rouge V
Finally for the last drawer I store my pink/red blushers.
 Moving on, this is my very fuss free way of storing my brushes. No coffee beans/beads at the bottom of the cup. Just stick them right in. I do separate my eye brushes and face brushes thou, makes it so much easier to locate especially cos I have so brushes.
I store all my stash of lipcare products beside my foundation box. And yes I do take lipcare veryyy seriously.
Finally to the giant mess at the centre of my table. My foundation/BB/CC cream stash. I know that it looks super messy here, but trust me this is already the best it has looked.
This is just a random tin that I found in my house and it is the biggest thing I could find that would fit majority of my foundations.
Of course my favourites! Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation, Lancôme Mat Miracle, Lancôme Tint Miracle, Nars Sheer Glow, Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream and the Iope BB Cushion.
The final 3 chests!
For the blue drawers
I keep all my reds and nudes together because I don't use them as often as I use the corals and the pinks.
For the next drawer, I keep all my pink lipsticks.
I like these bunny drawers cos they are deeper than ordinary ones. This makes it so much easier to store these products that take up more space.
And finally, my lipgloss collection. I have to admit this is the least reached for section. I am not the biggest fan of lipglosses.
As for the pink drawers,
All my concealers!! I really do enjoy etude house's concealers, I have every form of it. The Cover and Hiding liquid concealer from Holika Holika is a very good brightening concealer as well!
All my lip tints! I have gone a tad overboard with the buying of lip tints during my past 2 trips to Korea. I cannot help it! I have a serious issue here HALPPP.
My favourite pink tint is the Cherry Tint from Etude House.
For very vampy red stained lips,  I would highly recommend the Tony tints from Tony Moly.
For the bottom layer, I store all my bronzers.
For the last chest of drawers (FINALLY)
My face powders and all the sample sized eye shadow primers. I use the MAC mineralised skin finish natural as my daily face powder.
All my highlighters and shimmer face powders and sticks. The MAC mineralize skinfinish in Soft and Gentle is so so beautiful! I don't normally use highlighting products that often as I prefer using brightening products (think YSL touche éclat) coupled with a  shimmery blush. But if ever I use a highlighter, I would always reach for the MAC mineralized skin finish.
Finally the more colourful small eyeshadow palettes.
I store all my medium sized eyeshadow palettes in this box that I got from Sephora. It was from gift wrapping some Two Faced palette that I got for MYSELF haha tragic much.
All my sleek palettes go in here. My favourite drugstore eyeshadow palettes!
FINALLYYYYYYY my pride and joy
I keep all my large eyeshadow palettes in the 'keyboard' drawer of my table. Makes it so much easier to decide what palette to use .
That's the Urban Decay Vice Palette that was hidden at the back.
This is all for my makeup collection post!
I have to admit that there are people out there who organize their stuff wayyy better that I do, so this is not my any means a storage 'tutorial' of any sort.
But I have to work with my very limited room space and I must say I think that this is currently the best way I can think of to organize my makeup. Any suggestions anyone???
Also! This is not a post to brag about my makeup collection. I really do enjoy watching and reading about other people's makeup collection so I am sure that there are many of you out there who can read this without judging!
I have collected every piece of makeup over a long period of time and everyone of it means a lot to me! Granted I do not need all of these makeup to survive but oh well YOLO right?
I hope this has been fun for you as it has been for me! Till next time then <3