Monday, January 13, 2014

My Lash Extension Experience

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So at the beginning of the month, I met up with a friend who went to Bangkok and came back with lash extensions. When I saw her, I was like "OMG why are you so pretty' hahaha. She shared with me about her experience with lash extensions and after her convincing me that lash extensions were not as troublesome as I thought, I decided to go ahead and get them.

I got lash extensions once back in JC 1 when I was about 17? Needless to say I had to remove them after about 3-4 days of wear cos the school would not let me keep them :( But I remembered them as being quite cumbersome to maintain so I never got them again

Anyway, I got groupon deal and paid $20 for multi strand extensions. When I got there, I decided too pay $30 more for single lash extensions (i'll talk more about what they are in a bit). I paid $50 altogether and I must say it is money well spent cos I am loving the extensions :) I got it done at a beauty shop in Clementi and I am pleasantly surprised at how great the service was.

Here are some close up shots of the end product. It looks q overwhelming here, but I promise it does not look that dramatic.

I think it does not look that dramatic with my eyes open. I don't think that the type and style of extensions I chose gives a very false lash effect so I think it would not be too over the top for school.

Muti Lash Extensions

The most common/ inexpensive type of lash extension. As it's name suggests each the extensions are attached as a clump of lashes.

For this sort of lash extensions, the effect is often more dramatic and you would end up with very voluminous va va voom effect. It is up to personal preference but it may be too dramatic IMO to have them on 24/7 unless you have very large deep set eyes.

Because each clump of extensions have multiple strands of lashes, it takes only about 20-30 mins to get them. However there would b a very obvious 'bald spot' when the extension falls off.

Single Strand Extensions

Single strand extensions are legit single strand extensions. They attach single strands of eyelashes to your own and hence the results are much more natural. Also there would not be obvious bald spots when the lashes fall off.

The only downside apart from it being pricier is that it takes such a long time to get them on. My appointment took 1.5 hours but I think it all depends on the person who does them.

Final Reviews

I think the worry that most people have is that your own lashes will fall off when you remove the extensions. I haven't had my extensions long enough to determine that, but I have been assured a million times by the beautician that that is never going to happen.

As for the lifespan of the lashes, I guess it all depends on how well you take care of them. I've dropped about 3 lashes(?) over about 4 days because I have been exposing the extensions to eye makeup remover and we are not really supposed to do that. I would think that the lash extensions can last about 2 months if you don't mess around with them too much.

- Saves time: With lash extensions, you would look good even without makeup so getting ready in the mornings is a breeze

- Awesome for those who struggles with false lashes: If you don't know or struggle to apply false lashes yourself, lash extensions are a very easy way out :)

- Natural looking gorgeous lashes: Well thank god for technology and creativity, lash extensions are becoming more natural and they feel natural as well.

- Inconvenience when washing face: I have to admit it is quite a hassle washing my face with extensions on. I have to wash around  my eyes which is something that I am not used to.

- Inconvenience when removing eye makeup: This is the part that I am struggling with the most. The lash extensions are attached on with some special lash glue that makes it  more durable than ordinary lash glue. BUT it is still glue so it would be dissolved by oil based makeup removers. So when removing my eye makeup, I have to take extra caution to not get too much makeup remover on my extensions. I use cotton bud to remove the makeup along my lashline so it is quite time consuming.

- Unable to rub eyes freely: Haha this is something that is quite a struggle for me as well because I have quite sensitive eyes so they tend to get itchy. With the extensions, I cannot rub my eyes freely anymore :( I have to work my way around the lashes to rub my eyes which is both hilarious and quite sad to look at.

Anyhos I am very happy with my lash extensions and I am hoping that they would be able to last for about a month or at least till the end of CNY to make my money's worth haha. Here is a picture of the end result and me with very minimal eye makeup. I guess this is how I would look like till all the extensions fall off.

I hope this has been helpful to those who are considering getting lash extensions.

Till next time then ~

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Iope Air Cushion XP SPF 50/ PA +++


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope everyone has had a very good 2014 so far, may your 2014 be super awesome!

I want to start off the year with a review of my all time favourite product! I got this way back in August when my dear friend Alice brought it back from Korea for me :)

Iope has hopped onto the air cushion bandwagon with what I personally feel is the best BB cream I have ever used.

I am sure most of yall are familiar with BB cushions, Laneige's version of it is very highly marketed in Singapore. It is basically a sponge that is soaked in foundation/bb/cc cream. I did a DIY bb cushion post HERE.  So I think the main appeal for BB cushions is that it breaks down the foundation/bb cream into smaller particles so the end result is very light , comfortable on the skin without compromising too much on the coverage.

This product is super popular in Korea! Alice told me that she has seen many Korean girls touching up their makeup with this product. I personally am a big fan of Iope products so I was sold when I heard that they released their Air Cushion.

Product Description:

IOPE Air Cushion XP SPF50+ PA+++ is Korean new technology cushion foundation. It blocks UV rays and covers imperfections at the same time. It maintains glowing flawless skin.

Containing mineral water, plant peptide, pore elastomer and vitamin B5, E and P, it keeps skin moist and nourished. It reduces fine lines and pores, restores skin’s elasticity and radiance. Air is pumped into foundation in the cushion, making the texture light, giving a natural and glowing finish.  
Description from    

It comes in 2 shades 21, 23 for the natural and cover version and 1 shade 22 for the Shimmer version. I have got mine in N21 and it is a perfect match for my skintone.

The Iope Air Cushion XP comes in a very handy little compact. I really do like the very clean and no frills packaging. This is such a dream to bring around because there would be zero worries about spilling/ leaking.

It comes with a built in mirror and an 'Air Sponge' which is the applicator for the product and works absolute wonders.


This product is absolute genius. It is very sheer, light, moisturizing without being too greasy for oily skin and also gives my skin the nicest healthy glow ever. It is so convenient and easy to apply. This is the product that I reach for whenever I am in a hurry, it gives me super healthy and nice skin in about 1 minute. Best of all, it looks super natural, like you don't have any makeup on.

I would say that this product gives a light to medium coverage. It works best at even-ing out the skintone. It does not cover blemishes perfectly but I would say that for it's consistency, the coverage is pretty decent.

It lasts me for about a good 3-4 hours. The reason why I love this is because my face does not turn into an oily greasy mess at the end of the day.

It smells very good as well. Not too heavy and perfumey.

There is no need to be greedy and press the sponge too hard into the cushion as a little goes a very long way.

The most important part to note during application is to pat the product on your skin and not rub the puff over your skin. The patting motions would help the product to 'adhere' better.


- High Spf
- Light and comfortable on the skin
- Good coverage
- Moisturising
- Good oil control
- Good pore coverage
- Long lasting
- Natural


- Sponge is difficult to clean : I have tried washing the sponge and I think it is the material that it is made of, but it is super hard get all the product out. So for those germaphobes  out there, you may consider getting backups of the sponges)

- Pricey: I paid about 48 000 KRW (I think) this is pricier then the other versions that they  have out there. But it comes with a refill and for its quality and how much I love it, I think its a very good deal

- Difficult to purchase: Unless you are in Korea, you would have to get this online.

- Limited shades

- Accentuates dry patches: Although it is a moisturising product, because the consistency of the product is so lightweight, it would accentuate any dry patches on the skin.

Overall, I don't think this product needs anymore rave from me. I love this and would definitely repurchase it. I am almost out of this and this is the first time I have actually came close to finishing up any base product (Y)


*Credits to all pictures