Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Tattoo Experience


1 October 2013

I got my tattoo today! I got it done at Think Tattoo. It is at Far East Plaza.

 Very excited about it ^^

I have always wanted to get a second tattoo. I got my first one about 3 years ago? I decided on the word gratitude becuase it is something that I live by and will always live by. I always feel that this world would be such a better place if everyone was thankful for what they had. I am very lucky and I am very much happier when I practice gratitiude :)

So thats the story behind my tattoo. After choosing the design, the tatto artist would stencil it on your body as such:

Then you lie on the bed? Surgical Table? Tattoo Table? The tattoo artist will cling wrap the entire thing for hygiene purposes.

And there we go. I'm sure the first question that everyone will ask is " Does it hurt?"

HELL YES IT DOES.  It is definitely an 8 for me.If I were to describe the pain, I would say that it is like piercing a penknife through your skin and having it scratch over and over your skin. My first tattoo is behing my ear and I don't remember it as being that painful as this. Maybe it's because it is more sensitive?

Personally, I feel that the bolding of the font/scratching of the needle on the skin is less painful as compared to when the artist lifts up the needle and repoke it into your body. Now that is bad.

But the most important thing when getting a tattoo is TO BREATHE. Sounds easy aye, but it sure ain't especially when you are enduring that pain. When you are so focused on enduring the pain you tend to forget to breathe. When you forget to breathe, you faint.

Really I have to give it up to those with huge tattoos on their body. The fact that they can endure so much pain is amazing.

When you are all done, your skin feel as though it has been sunburnt. The tattoo artist will slather a thick layer of vaseline and bandage it up.

Of course I have to take more shots of it before it gets bandaged up. Sorry I didnt manage to take a shot of it being bandaged but it wasn't anything fancy or pretty. Do expect your tattoo to bleed a lil though.

The tattoo artist recommended us to get an ointment for our tattoo called Bepanthen. I got it from Watsons for 8.90 SGD. You can find it from the section where they sell all the baby stuff.

I was told to wash my tattoo with soap and warm water every 3 hours and then apply a thin layer of the ointment on it. It is very importatant to keep the tattoo clean.

Being the girl that I am, you cannot tell a generic term like 'soap'. I was like what soap, face? body? hand? anti bacterial? I decided to use my facial cleanser in the end. I figured that would be milder. I was considering on using vagisil though cos it has antibacterial bacterial properties too right?

The first wash I was a lil scared. I was told to remove the bandage after 4 hours and then I could wash the tattoo and shower. It turned out fine, it didn't hurt too much and it shouldnt hurt too much if you are gentle.

Throwback to my first tattoo :)

2nd October

Yay! Survived my first night and extremely happy that I did not wake up with a fever like I did my first time.       

The ink does stain your clothes though, so be sure to wear black. It still is a tad sore. So I do have to take extra care of that spot.

5th Oct

Fast Forwarding! My tattoo has been healing very well! All is left is abit of bruising. It is starting to get very itchy though as the skin heals and scabs. But always remember, never to scratch.

The ink will start to fall off  as well. At this point, it is very important that I cleaned and applied my nappy cream on time because it really does offer some relief from the itch hehe.

25 Oct

Yay! I can safely say that my healing process has been rather perfect! No infections or any nasty things like that. The colour is still very vibrant ^^

TADAAAAA~ I still do apply the nappy cream from time to time when I remember to do so, but all is good so far :D

I really think the way of cleaning that my tattoo arist recommended is AWESOME and is the reason why my tattoo healed so well! The discomfort is very minimal very different from my first experience.

There are several things that I had to abstain from and coincidentally they all start with S haha or that my tattoo artist is extremely punny. I had to stay away from the sun, swimming, scratching, scrubbing, seafood/shellfish (only if you believe that seafood/shellfish is 'poisonous'). Do check with your tattoo artist if you are worried!

So yeah! That has been my tattoo journey! Hope it has been interesting <3

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dolly Wink Volume Mascara Review

Why hello there beautiful.

This is it guys. This is it. I have found THE ONE. This mascara is the bombdiggidy.

If you have read my post about the Canmake Gukunobi Mascara review LINK here. I called it my holy grail, all I can say now is MOVE OVER.

My lashes have always been unable to hold a curl no matter which mascara I used. The only one that worked was the Majorca Majolica Lash Expander Frame Plus, but removing it was such a pain so I never really went back to it.

This mascara is amazing. It holds up the curl so well. Finally I realised it's not me, it was the mascara hehe.

Original Lashes

Would you look at how awesome this mascara is! Blimey where have I been all this while.

The lengething effect is okay. Nothing very spectacular, but it really does deliver in terms of adding volume.
I really like the brush as well, I generally prefer mascaras with legit brush/bristles as compared to those with plastic bristles or with comb type bristles.
For a volumising mascara, the brush is not too big which is awesome cos I always end up making a mess and getting mascara all over my eyelids when I use those with super huge brushes.
Also I really like the small tapered tip. It is really good when I am applying mascara to the little lashes on the inner corners. Very good for the lower lashes too! Now I dont have to use a seperate mascara for my lower lashes!~


- Amazing curling effect
- Maintains and holds the curl
- Easy removal
- Great volumising effect
- Super cute packaging ^^


-  Clumps very easily, I normally only use one coat. Anything more than one coat, I will get the spidery lash effect which I don't like.
- Smudges after about 4-5 hours
Curl Holding Power - 5/5

Lengethening - 3/5 

Volumizing - 4.5/5
 Does not clump -  2/5

Does not smudge - 3/5

Easy Removal  - 4/5
I would definitely repurchase this if I run out, or until I find another mascara that surpasses this. The pros definitely makes up for the cons of this mascara. This is definitely for those who like curled dramatic thick lashes :D
I love using this for my everyday look. Ive been very lazy recently, so all I do for my eyes is mascara hehe. This looks amazing and really helps to open my eyes and make them look fresh and awake ~

Have a good week yall <3

Sunday, October 6, 2013

All Etude House Date Night Makeup


Since Etude House is one of my favourite Korean makeup brand, I thought it would be fitting that I did a makeup look with only etude house products.

Since everyone seems to be going out on dates recently, I hope that this would be helpful when you are going out on your next date :)

If you are a girl that doesn't normally put on makeup or is very minimal, I wanted to create a look that can oomph up your look but doesn't look too heavy and over the top.

1:Top Left 2: Top Right 3:Bottom Left 4: Bottom Right
1) Start off with a prepped face, all moisturised and ready for base makeup. My pre makeup preparations depends on the time of the day I am going out. Also I like to fill in my brows before starting on the makeup. Of course my choice of brow product would be the Etude House Drawing Eye Brow in #3.
2) For my base, I am using the Etude House Precious Mineral Cotton Fit BB Cream in #2 Light Beige. Personally I like to dot the product all over my face, focusing in the centre part of my face. I think that this gives the most even application.
3) Blend out the product with fingers. You can use a brush, sponge or whatever. I like to use my fingers when I am using a product for the first time.
If there are areas that you need more coverage, feel free to add more product on the places that you need it. But always remember, less is more. If you are going on a date, I think most guys would not like it when girls look like they have a mask of foundation on.
4) Conceal your dark circles or any other imperfections. I am using the Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer in #1 Light Beige. For a date look, especially if I am going out at night, I would pay more attention to creating a flawless base. So do spend a bit more time here, it is always good to look fresh and awake :)
5:Top Left 6: Top Right 7:Bottom Left 8: Bottom Right
Etude House Dear My Blooming Eyes
BR401 Miss You Again and Again Gold Brown
5) Apply the Lid colour all over the eyelids and the Crease colour to the outer half of the eyelids. Blend the Crease colour into the crease.
Using the same applicator as the Crease colour, sweep whatever is left along the bottom lashline. This is to create a gradient and a colour for the liner colour to blend into.
6) Apply the Liner colour into the double eyelid crease.
Using the same applicator as the Liner colour, sweep whatever is left along the outer half of the bottom lashline. This is to create more depth of to the eye.
7) Apply a thin line of liquid eyeliner to define the eyes. I am using Etude House Oh~ M' Eyeliner in Brown. I would suggest a brown liner if you are going for a more natural look.
8) Curl lashes and apply mascara. Apply the Lid colour as an inner corner highlight. Also, apply Lid colour to the inner half of the bottom lashline to create the agyeosal effect and to further brighten up your eyes ^^
9:Top Left 10: Top Right 11:Bottom Left 12: Bottom Right
9) I am very very used to using a cream blusher as a base before I apply my powder blusher because I feel that it really helps to extend the longevity of my blusher. Since I do not have a cream blusher from etude house, I decided to double up my lipstick as a cream blusher. I am using Etude House Look At My Lips in #4 I love Pink
10) Just realised how washed out the colours look, but I just swiped two streaks of the lipstick over the apples of my cheeks
11) Blend out the colour with fingers!
Just in case you want to contour your nose/features but dont have a bronzer or a matte brown shade on hand, here is a little tip.
Using your brow pencil, lightly draw little lines on the area that you want to contour.
Be sure to blend it out and make sure that there are no obvious lines in sight.

12) Set your makeup with powder. I am using Etude House Precious Mineral BB Compact in #1 Ivory Beige.
13:Top Left 14: Top Right 15:Bottom Left 16: Bottom Right
13) Apply powder blush over the cream blusher. I am using Etude  House Face Colour Corset in #4 Pink Lay Fit. I am not sure if this line is still being sold. I have a feeling that it has been re packaged.
Anyway, the reason why I place so much emphasis on blusher is because if you are someone who is as pale as I am, blusher really helps to make you look not only healthier, but also more awake. Plus I think pink blusher looks very pretty and looking pretty is always good when going on dates :D
14) Apply the powder blusher on the apples of the cheeks
15) I am using Etude House Marble Marble in #3 Rose Marble Peach as a highlight.
16) Apply the highlight down your nose, on the forehead , on top of the cheekbones and on the chin. Basically apply the highlight on the places you want to enhance.
Applying a highligher can also help to create a more glowy look. If you have oily and is worried that using a highlighter can make you look oiler, you can choose to skip this step!

  Apply your lipstick and you are all set to go! I am using the same lipstick as I did for my cheeks!
PS: Just an update, I mentioned that I was getting a tattoo and I got it! I will do a detailed post on it when it is fully recovered so I can tell you guys all about the entire process from the start to the healing. Meanwhile here it is!
Till next time then! xxx