Saturday, September 28, 2013

2013 Taiwan Beauty Haul ~


I am back from Taipei!

It was an okay trip overall cos when I went there there was a typhoon, so 3 out of 5 days were super rainy. BUT this obviously did not dampen my beauty shopping mood ^^

I got most of the stuff on the first day, I mean the first 2 hours cos it was already 8 when I arrived at the hotel. I stayed at East Dragon Hotel in Ximending. Extremely convenient! Most of the beauty stores have branches in Ximending. I will go through the haul according the stores I got them from.


Watsons in Taipei is amazing! They carry a whole lot of beauty brands that they don't in Singapore. Most of the drugstore beauty products are cheaper as well! When I was there, Watson's was having a 15% discount for drugstore beauty products so yay for me :)

There are ALOT of Watsons all around so you'll deffo spot one.

*All the prices stated are before discount

1028 TA Whitening Sunscreen - 350NT
1028 is the brand by Xiao Kai Laoshi who is one of the main makeup artist of 女人我最大. He's makeup line is really quite popular in Taiwan. I love whitening suncreens^^
1028 Whitening Essence Foundation -  680 NT
This felt SO AMAZING! I think I might have found a really good dupe for the Gorgio Armani Silk Maestro Foundation.
Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara - 329 NT
The Heroine Make products and some Japanese brands were not on sale though :( but this is cheaper in TW than it is in SG ^^
Integrate Eyeshadow (PK 333) - 390 NT
I always have to get something from Integrate everything I am in Taiwan.
自白肌 Whitening Toner - 269 NT
They were actively promoting this, so I thought I would give it try. Plus 杏仁酸 (Mandelic Acid) has anti ageing and antibacterial properties. So means that it is good for adult skin with acne problems since it would not overly dry out the face.
Ponds Cleanser - 209 NT
Ponds has quite large range in TW as compared to SG. Their bi facil eye makeup remover is really popular!
Acne Treatment Cream - 164 NT
The Watsons I went to in Ximending had a section on dermalogical skincare products (医学美容). There is a whole variety of such stuff. Totes had to try one.
Divina Moisture Cleansing Wipe
Dont remember how much they were cos I snuck them into my mum's shopping basket hehe. But they were buy one get one free.
菜瓜水 - 59 NT
It is some 古早 or traditional moisturing spray.


巴黎草莓 Paris Strawberry

My favourite beauty store hands down!!! It stocks brands that you can normally only get online. So it is perfect for those who don't know how to shop on the taiwanese online shops (like me hehe).
Directions: It is in the lane that is beside Uniqlo in Ximending. It is in the lane with many tattoo shops. It is on the second floor. There is a huge sign with a strawberry, so I dont think you'll miss it :)

Bonanza Black Membraneous Jelly Mask - 499 NT
This is the main thing I wanted no NEEDED to get when I was in Taiwan, I was quite worried that I wasn't able to find stores that would stock them (yes I do get worried about these things).
I was so freaking happy when I found it, plus the black one I wanted to get was on sale *ecstatic dance*
Jelly Masks or 冻膜 is really popular in Taiwan. They are awesome for deep cleansing. Many use them before extracting because it helps to brings the dirt to the surface so extraction becomes much easier. I will do a tutorial on it v v soon!
Deep Cleansing Mud Mask - 549 NT
Just another deep cleansing jelly mask
Dr Douxi Snow Whitening Jelly - 199 NT
I had to try a whitening one. Plus this brand has the cheapest jelly masks.
Bevy C Lumi White Moist Up Elixr - 580 NT
This was HUGE in Taiwan a few months back I think? It is meant to be used before makeup, and apparently it is sposed to help your makeup last all day. The store has a ranking of the best selling products and this was one of the top sellers!
Pencil Eyeliner - 99 NT
I have not tried these before but I am confident that they would be awesome. It is specially designed for asian eyelids (the skin on asian eyelids is different from angmoh's?)
Dr Douxi Acne Gel
Avon Dry Ends Serum - 99 NT
This smells soooooo good~
Body exfoliator - 39 NT
This was a purchase with purchase so it was was very heavily discounted. This is some indonesian body exfoilator I think.

86小铺 (86 Shop)

This is quite similar to paris strawberry. The store I went to in Ximending was not that good imo cos it was really small, but it was pretty well stocked~
Milk Bath Salt
I don't really remember how much this was, but it would be around 100 NT ish?
Ms Hana Smoky Eyeliner - 199 NT
I freakin love eyeliners and all the shizam from all these Taiwanese brands. They know what we want and their products deliver. These eyeliners are waterproof, smudgeproof and it can be removed like a dream.
Body anti cellulite Brush thingum - 139 NT
I haven't figured out how to use it yet thou.

Misc Stores

Blackhead Extraction Tool - 79 NT
I got this from a random lifestyle store in Tamshui, but I think you can find this in most beauty supply stores.
Maybeline Pure BB Mineral  Stick - 342 NT
This is different from the one that we have in Sg. I just used it today and I really liked it! Unlike traditional foundation sticks, this is really lightweight and feels very good on the skin. I did not feel that my pores were suffocating under the product so thumbs up for that.
I got this cos I thought this would be very travel friendly since it is in a stick form.So means no worries about spilling or leaking or it exploding in my luggage.
I got this from Sasa
Diffuser - 99 NT
I got this from Raohe Night market when i was looking for shelter from the rain. This is to be attached to my hairdryer. Apparently it would yield better results if we used this to dry our hair.
Lavshuca Eyebrow Gel - 290 NT
I have been quite obsessed with using eyebrow gels lately. I like how the design of the brush is different from the rest.
 Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact (112 Musing Pansy)- 1309 NT
My biggest purchase! I was contemplating on getting a Jill Stuart something when I was in Taiwan cos 人家还是少女 *shy* hahahha. So I finally decided to get one of their blushers from the Taiwan Airport's Duty Free.
I decided on a blush over the other product cos it came with a retractable brush which I felt that it was more value for money. It makes it very handy for application.and I can use it with other products #excuses
Only when I came back did I discover that I got the travel exclusive designed palette! The flowers are adorable^^
TADAAAAA. I have to admit if you are not a fan of more girly, lighter colours you would not be a fan of Jill Stuart's blushes or products in general.The blush selection tends to be more pink/orange. I chose this palette cos it was the least glittery out of most of the palettes.
Okay that is all for now!! Till next time then!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Hey guys!

I am a little belated on this, but as I mentioned in this post ( LINK ) that I was going to Vietnam. I have decided to blog about my travels since I already have several trips planned for the second half of the year *excites*

I never thought this would happen, but I fell in love with Saigon. It is such an amazing city. I am in love with how low rise it is and how everything is so randomly planned. You will literally find an Addias in the midst of the most random stores.

Vietnam was such an amazing experience also because I had such great company. I took motorcycles for the first time, crossed busy streets like a boss, ate good food ALL the time and partied like there was no tomorrow heh.

Shopping/ Beauty

This shop was amazing. If you go to Ho Chi Minh City, and live near Ben Tanh Thanh Market, there are a whole lot of manicure stores and nail/ beauty shops like this. They are so well stocked!

Falsies were super cheap! They were abput 4 SGD per box? Awesome deals there. The quality is not too shabby either.

If you are into doing your own nails with nail art and stuff, nail art tools are super inexpensive there. There is also an insane variety of nail polishes.

 Fresh off the plane and very happy with my purchases.

This is my favourite store. It is right on the street beside Ben Thanh Market and it is very near a chain pho store - Pho 24.

If you enter the store, you will find a manicure salon at the back. It is amazing we all did our nails there and the artists were all so skilled! It was a very legit place and the service was very good! Everyone was so nice :)

This is the name card of the place. If you can find it, do try it out!

I paid about 20 SGD for a mani, pedi and a heel scrub. If you are thinking of getting your nails done, I would suggest preparing your own pictures cos the styles that they have are normally not the nicest.

I would not say that shopping is the best in Ho Chi Minh, prolly because I did not spend too much time there? We did most of our shopping at Saigon Square, which is walking distance from Ben Thanh Market.

We got more touristy stuff like SAIGON tank tops (Y)

We had to match them with cray cray bunny headbands. They were pretty inexpensive. If you want to get saigon/touristy T shirts, be sure to get them at Ben Thanh Market at night! Ben Tanh Market becomes this outdoor night market, and it starts at about 7ish? You should only pay 50 000 Vietnam dong for each shirt!

We lived at a hotel near Ben Thanh Market, so we just walked everywhere.

I got this weird swelling under my eye when I was there. It happens to me when I am in SG too. Anyone has the same problem? :(

Im wearing a necklace that I got from Ben Thanh Night Market. Do remember to haggle when you are there! The accessories are pretty decent, but you do have to spend some time looking for the nicer pieces.

If you are looking to shop for clothes, do note that the sizing runs very small. Vietnamese girls are very very small.


We went to this club called Velvet on my first night. Velvet is one of their more upscale clubs. Most of the people there were the atas Vietnamese. OMG partying in Vietnam is so fun. The music is so amazingly good we just run on adrenaline and good music.

I also like how the clubs are less packed? Means more dancing space :D

We went to this place called the Apocalypse on the second night. Again amazing music. Most of the people here are foreigners. Alcohol in vietnam is pretty inexpensive so good for us~

We went with out manicurist! He is the one in the stripey shirt. Super adorable guy! haha We were all dressed in out Saigon shirts. Major fashion statement there hehehe.

* I forgot to add! They start partying really early there, we would normally go about 10-11 pm. The clubs close relatively early at about 2 am? So be sure to go early!


Clearly pho is my favourite food.

No seriously, I love pho so much I think I have a problem here. The fried spring rolls are pretty amazing too. There quite a few chain pho stores, my favourite is Pho 24. I think it has the best broth.

Of course there are alot of cheaper and better options out there if you are in less touristy areas. So be sure to check those out.

We have had a couple of different foods that were delish but I did not manage to snap picture. Too busy eating.


This is why I love going to tropical countries for holidays. They were as good as they look.

Very interested in looking at the menu here.


HCM city is very very motorcycle oriented. But what I absolutely love about it is that the air is surprisingly un-polluted. Plus it is very safe to walk around/ cross roads because the cars and motorcyles go at relatively slow speeds.

We normally take cabs that are very inexpensive, but their motorcycle cabs are a must try. SO FUN I CANNOT EVEN.

You can request for them to pillion 2 people. But they will normally only agree to do this when you are going to places with little/no police in between. They would be fined if they got caught. Please dont report me.


There are so many quaint cafes in HCM city. Vietnamese coffee is amazing (they have it everywhere)
But if you are the sort that likes chilling at cafes/photography, HCM city would be a very good place to come!

Up Cafe! Where everything is upside down

Sorry I had to be very touristy and do this.
There is a whole lot of other fun things to do in HCM city, but since I was only there for 3D2N, there was very limited time to do more. Overall, I am in love with the city and I am so grateful for all the kind people that I have met and for my really really good experience there :)
I will be going to Taipei on the 20th of Sept, so I would so another post on that when I am back! Meanwhile, have a good week yall~

How to Make Your Own BB Air Cushions - A'PIEU Pure Block BB Sun Milk

Hi Ho!

So recently I have been aboslutely OBSESSED with these BB cushions. I am loving the IOPE Air Cushion XP (review coming right up) so much that is literally the only thing I have been using since school has started.

So with the newest and hottest rage in Korea now being these cushion BB creams, more chain makeup stores are coming up with these kits that allow us to make our own BB cushions with our own products!

I'll go through step by step on how you can make your own BB cushions and the things that you should look out for. So i'll just jump right in!

I got mine from A'pieu, cos I think that the DIY kit is currently the cheapest in the market. I got the one that came with the BB sun milk. The kit itself (without any accompanying product) should be below 10 000 KRW. I know Missha sells these DIY kits. I am sure there are more alternative out there. So do check them out if you are interested in them!

This is what comes with the kit. The compact, the sponge/cushion, the rubber-esque applicator and the BB sun milk.

If you don't read Korean, fret not, I will go through how to do it step by step :)

1- Top Left, 2- Bottom Left, 3- Top Right, 4- Bottom Right

1) Pour your product in. If you are using your own foundation/BB cream, I would really suggest using something that is more watery and less creamy so that it is easier for the cushion to absorb the product and for it to work better.

2) This is the important step. Fill in the product into the compact until it is 1/3 full. This is so that the cushion would be able to absorb all the product. Dont be too greedy here and try to add too much product or it may overflow when you add in the cushion

3) Carefully add in the cushion.

4) Using a spatula ( I just used a cotton bud cos I didn't have a spatula on hand. Use whatever that is clean) slowly and gently press the cushion to help it soak up the product.

5- Top Left, 6- Bottom Left, 7- Top Right, 8- Bottom Right
5) Let it sit for about 2 minutes
6) If you feel that there is insufficient product, add in more and allow it to seep into the cushion. You can use the cotton bud/spatula to press the cushion to help absorption.
7) Be sure not to add too much and try to draw ugly hearts like me. I got abit too greedy and added a little too much. You will see why later.
8) Voila you are all done!

To use just gently press the applicator into the cushion. Be sure to be very light handed though cos we normally don't need too much.
 You can see I added too much product because even with a light hand, there is so much product. We don't want to see actual droplets of product. It should be a light film on the applicator.
When applying the product, I can feel that there is wayy too much product on the applicator. If like me, you have accidentally made a BB cushion that is too saturated, you can pat the applicator on the back of your hand before applying it to your face. This will help to get rid of the excess product.

My thoughts:

I love DIY bb cushions because it 1) helps us save money by using our existing products 2) allows us to use our favourite bases.
I love BB cushions because the cushion itself helps to break down the molecules of the product, making it more lightweight and adhere better to the skin.
I have to say I am not the biggest fan of the A'pieu BB sun milk though. It only comes in one shade and I dont think that it is the best match for my skin. I have only used it once so far, I will try it out again and see how it goes.

Things to note:

1) If you are using your own product, make sure that the product is watery/ liquid enough
2) Be sure to only fill the compact till it is about 1/3 full! You don't want any overflowing
3) Give it some time to set before adding in more product
4) Don't add in too much product at the end!
Before I end this, I have news!
I am getting a new tattoo.I currently have one and have been thinking of getting another one for a while now. I am finally getting down to doing it.
I will keep the details a secret for now. I will do a post on tattoos when I get it. My appointment is on the 26th so I am looking forward to it. I am supposed to get it on the 21st but I totally forgot I would be in Taiwan, silly me. So yeah! Till next time then xxx