Sunday, August 25, 2013

Iope Bio Essence Review


I am back! Sorry for the long hiatus, I have been insanely busy cos of my summer module's report deadline. Thankfully it all went pretty smoothly, and all is good :)

I am finally reviewing the IOPE BIO ESSENCE. I mentioned in one of my earliest post that I was going to review it, but after using it for 8 months, I feel that I have really felt its effects. Iope is one of my favourite skincare brand. Although it is a more mid range brand and it's products can be pretty pricey, but I think it is really worth it for the quality I am getting!

I really was quite excited to try this out because it was being marketed as an SKII dupe, or an even better version of it. So many Korean girls were using it and of course being a sucker for marketing and anything that promises to give me translucent skin, I had to get it. I cannot remember how much I got this for, but I think it was about 70 000KRW? I got the larger sized bottle (which they do not carry anymore)

My Thoughts
I have to be completely honest here but I did not feel a significant change in my skin when I first used it. I did not experience the 'skin condition is restored in 3 days' claim.
I guess it is because my skin is fair to begin with? So I did not feel significant brightening/ tranclucent effects? IDK
What I liked about it though, is that is is lightweight and it feels very comfortable on the skin. It is also fragrance free, scent free I should say. This would be good for those who like SKll but cannot stand the smell of it. I do think it would be suitable for those with sensitive skin as well.
I think it is pretty moisturising and it feels so confortable on the skin cos it's sooooo lightweight.
I think as I used it for a longer period of time, I started seeing its effects.

Say Hi to my bare face

As you can see, my skintone  is quite evened out. All the sallowness/yellow tinges are generally less obvious (except when I am ill or am very very tired).
As for it's pore refining properties, I cannot comment too much on that because my pores are genetically large, and no products will significantly reduce it's size unless I go for laser treatments.
As a whole, I am really loving this product! I think it has made my skin more resillient in general. Meaning that I can do more 'damage' to my skin without it suffering too badly. I was sleeping an average of 4 hours per day for the past week, plus I was quite ill. My skin still looked pretty decent and this would never happen in the past. Most breakouts heal quite quickly and relatively scar free.
My skintone as a whole is generally smoother and more refined ^^
I use it both day and night, after my toner. I like patting it in with my hands, although it is recommended to use a cotton pad. But whaever floats my boat right? hehe
I would recommend this for those who want to try out SKll but lacks the budget, or for those who wants to brighten and even out their skintone! 
*credits to all pictures

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Look Fresh!

Ever since I started my internship, I have been going out a lot more after work. My friends will ask me all the time how I manage to look so fresh after a long day at work. By then I would have been out for a good 10-12 hours.
So I thought it would be good to share how I stay looking fresh all day!

1) Of course start out with a good base , sun screen and all

2) I will use an eyebrow wax. Mine is from NYX it keeps my brows in place and extends the wear of my brow makeup. If you use brow products, do note that they do disappear with blotting. I always make sure to apply brow wax when I have long days!

3) Use long lasting base products. My favourite is the Lancome Mat Miracle. Check out my review on it HERE. The key to looking fresh at the end of the day is a good base. Be sure not to pile on the foundation! I find that by using less, it would be easier to touch up my makeup at the end of the day.

Eye makeup!

When I have long days and I know that I am going for a nights out after work, I will be sure to apply very minimal eye makeup. Having smudgey makeup will kill the fresh faced look so thats an absolute no no. Everything I use must be waterproof + smudge proof

1) I am using the Naked 2 palette. First I will prime my eyes with the Nars eye primer. It is the best eye primer ever. My favourite.

I normally go for very colours like foxy or half baked ( If I want abit of sparkle) You could always use loose powder or powder foundation instead.

2) Curl and apply mascara to prep your lashes for the falsies.

3) False lashes are the key! The absolute bomb diggity. I really like using half lashes cos they are a breeze to apply and there is less risk of having the dreaded falsies coming apart moment.

Another reason why I always use falsies for long days is cos they do not smudge and there is once it is properly applied they can last for the longest time.

4) Make sure to apply some water proof eyeliner to conceal the band of the lashes. I like using liquid eyeliner but you can use whatever you have on hand.

The face the face the face!

1) I love using the combination of cream and powder blusher. It helps to keep my blusher staying in all day.

2) I just smack on some cream blusher on my cheeks and blend them out with my fingers. I am using the apple dome cream blusher from Nature Republic.

Then I powder my face with MAC's Mineralized Skin Finish Natural to set my makeup. I follow up with MAC's Mineralized Blusher in Gentle. I have been loving this blusher recently.

3) Apply your favourite lipstick!

So this is me all done!

These are what I keep in my makeup bag for touch ups!

This is how I look like at 6pm. In need of touchups.

These are my life savers.

1) Always Always keep powder in your purse. They are amazing for touchups.

2) Blusher is a must for a fresh faced look, especially if you are as pale as I am. I look rather ghastly without blusher. I like to keep a pinky/corally shade in my makeup bag because it goes with most of my makeup. It would go well if I went peach or pink.

3) I like to keep a small eyeshadow palette in my makeup bag, especially one with a darker shade. Very convenient to go from day to night makeup.

4) Cos I have quite sensitive eyes, my eyeliner always disappears cos I always fuss with them. Eyeliner is v impt for touchups.
1) First blot off any excess oil. Try not to powder over an oily face.

2) I like to take a darker shade and intensify the outer corners of my eyes when I am going out at night.

1) Powder powder powder. Its personal preference but I prefer to go out with a more matte face since it would get oily v soon anyway haha.

2) Blusher! I would prefer to keep blushers that comes with a puff in my makeup bag. Saves me the trouble of bringing a brush.

I am using Etude House's Lovely Cookie Blusher in #6 Grapefruit Jelly

3) Apply a fresh coat of lipstick and I am good to go!

Hope this has been helpful! No excuse to look tired after a long day of work now hehe.

Till next time then~~

Saturday, August 3, 2013

What's In My Travel Makeup / Skin Care Bag



I am going to Vietnam. For the first time in my life.

I would have already arrived by the time this post is up. So HELLO FROM SAIGON *waves*

One of my girlfriends is having a summer module/ field trip thingy in HCM city, so we decided to plan a 3D2N trip to have a short getaway before the new semester starts.

I am really not particularly fond of such short trips, because I never know how much to pack. I feel very insecure if I pack too light. AND it is the first time I am flying without a check in luggage allowance. So this is really like Survivor style (okay not really).

When I travel, I mostly only use sample products because I have so much of them. It is insane. Plus I would get rid of more luggage weight by the time my trip is over (Y).

 I would only suggest this if your skin is not sensitive. Using entirely new products all at one go may not suitable for those with sensitive skin. Plus it would be such a bummer, not to mention a giant hassle if your skin had a reaction to any of the products.

Okay lets start!!

CLIO Fresh Lip & Eye Remover Tissue
I prefer using makeup remover wipes on holidays. Hassle-free plus reduces the risk of spilling make up remover all over your stuff.
Banila Co. Clean It Zero
This is like a cream version of a makeup removal oil. I am not particularly fond of this type of products. But this is the only thing I've got so I shan't complain.
Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam
If you have read my earlier posts, you would know how much I love this. When I have less makeup removal products, I would choose to use a deep cleansing facial cleanser because it helps to remove more impurities and dirt from our pores.
The little orange pot is a peeling gel that I got from idk where. I always bring some from of exfoliator/scrub on holidays because it instantaeously makes my skin feel smoother and brighter.
Iope Bio Essence
I have been using this daily for the 9 months. I really like this! Thank god for sample sizes.

The Saem A-C Control Toner/Emulsion
Innisfree Perfect Repair Toner/Emulsion
I like using the AC control/ pore control / oil control products in the day as they tend to be lighter. So I think this would be perfect for the tropical weather.
Anti Aging care for the night, since they tend to be richer and thicker. I think my skin needs rejuvinating after a long day in the sun.
Etude House White Moistful First Essence
Laneige Water Bank Essence
It's Skin SYN-AKE
Serums are a must. Regardless of where I am.
I brought more moisturising serums. In case of prolonged sun exposure, it is more important to moisturise our skin than to apply whitening products.
Sunscreen Galore
There is never too much sunscreen. I repeat, There is never too much sunscreen. If you cannot use up an entire satchet of product on your face, there is always your neck, ears, body.
Caudalie Vinosource
Laneige Water Sleeping Pack
The Caudalie is for my eyes and the Sleeping Pack is a must.
Shampoo + Conditioner
Bath gel
Since it is going to be hot in Vietnam, I did not pack too much makeup because I cannot handle a full face of makeup on a hot day.
Nature Republic Super Origin Ceramide BB Cream
Too Cool For School Aqua Pudding Shaking BB
I chose the Nature Republic BB cream because I used it in Phuket last year, and it lasted amazingly on my skin in hot weather and even through mild kayaking. My skin looked really good even after I removed my makeup.
The TCFS BB cream would be suitable for warmer weathers too because the jelly/pudding type of BB cream tends to be lighter in consistency.
Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Eye primers are an absolute must.
These are my travel eyeshadows from Paul and Joe. They were a limted edition that I got a few years back. They are super convienient and very very cool. The shadows are very pretty as well!
When I travel, I only bring a shadow brush and a blending brush. This is all we need actually.
Eye Brow Pencil, Liquid Eyeliner
Lash Curler
Canmake Gokunobu Mascara
Of course I am bringing my favourite mascara of the moment with me. I decided to forgo the false lashes this time. Dont think I would get down to applying them anyway.
Powder Brush
Skinfood Jungle Food Multi Tint
NYC Cheek Glow
I like bringing this brush with me when I travel because it is so versatile. Because it is a synthetic brush, I can use it to apply my foundation/bb cream, cream blushers etc. I normally use it as a powder and blush brush.
I am currently obsessed with Skinfood's Jungle Fruit multi tints. The colours are so saturated and it s quite rare to find tints/ cream products that provide this much pigementation. These are amazing as a cheek stain and a lip stain. I especially like how I can bring a look from day to night by applying a thicker coat of product on my lips.
In the day, I just dab a teeny bit of product on the centre of my lips and blend them outwards for a very natural look.
My face power is from Laneige and when I travel, I normally just use whatever is in my makeup pouch.
As for lips, I will think about that when I am leaving for the airport. Cannot function when extremely sleepy
Have a good weekend <3

What's On My Office Desk


Sorry I have been MIA for quite a while. I have been rather busy trying to sort out my life. I have going through this period of self reflection hehe.

ANW, I figured it would be nice to share with yall what I have been keeping on my office desk because many of my friends are beginning their first jobs! How exciting :D

I think it is very important to keep these basic supplies on your desk/somewhere near you in the office, because we should always be doing basic maintence~

Since this is the office, I did not want to clutter my desk with too many products. So I really kept to to the bare minimum.

My Must Haves:

1) Standing Mirror

This was the first thing I got for my desk. Almost all my female colleagues have mirrors on their table. It is SO IMPORTANT. I always like to look fresh especially before meeting a client or having a meeting.

Also very convenient to check your teeth after lunch or eating.

2) Water Bottle

I prefer using water bottle over mugs cos I don't want to risk any dust or random particles to fall into my drink. I would really suggest getting a good one that can withstand heat, because I personally prefer to drink green tea ( anti oxidants + caffine ).

3) Vitamin C

What would I do without this in my life. A lifesaver for when I get that 'I am going to get sick' feeling. Also a very good remedy after a long night of whatever you were doing.

Vitamin C also helps with whitening^^

3) Facial Mist

Especially important if your office is freezing cold. I don't like the feeling of being in A/C all day long, so I will spritz this all over my body.

 If you are worried about the particles being too large and will end up with a wet face, I would suggest holding it further away from your face so that you can get a light even spritz.

Love how this smells, very comfortable and soothing~

4) Oil Blotters

I cannot live without these since I have combination - oily skin. These oil blotters are the paper type. I keep these on my table over the blue flim type because:

a) it is much less embarrassing + gross when you throw these away in the bin.

b) it strips your skin off less oil, so it reduces the probabilty of your skin over producing sebum

c) They are so much cheaper! These paper type of blotters are easily available at Daiso. I got these from Japan Home.

There are so many pieces in a pack. But for those with oilier skin, you may need to use more. I normally use about 2-3 pieces each time since the paper is so thin. But it varies with the brand you get. I tried the Jasmine version (also from Japan Home) they come in a pack of 50, so the blotters are thicker.

They smell very good as well! These are rose scented, so I love how it matches my facial mist!

* I do use the blue flim type of blotters and keep them in my bag though. I like using them for 'heavy duty' oil removal. Think the situations where you can feel like your face is a greasy mess.

5) Lip Balm


It can be tinted or the regular ones. But lipbalms are a must for me especially if I am in an air conditioned room all day.
I really love this tinted lip balm from Sleek. They smell delicious, and the colour is so pigemented! Gorgeous!!! My only flak about this is the application. I don't like to dip my fingers into pots very much. But apart from this, if you ever come across Sleek's pout polishes, GET THEM.
They are super inexpensive and are of very good quality. Very moisturising.

6) Hand Lotion


A must on every OL's table. I think my mum has a huge family sized bottle on her desk. Hand lotions are a must to prevent dry hands/cuticles. Also apply them to your elbows and legs (if you wear skirts often).
7) Slippers
Meet my rather unglamourous slippers. They are a lifesaver thou. I am so grateful that my office environment is not too serious, I plod around the office in these a lot since I wear heels so often.
I think that is about it for now. Have a good one yall :D