Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer 2013 - Nature Republic Haul

I am back with another haul, this time with my loots from Nature Rebuplic!
I did not get too many things for myself as I still had many unused items from my previous trip to Seoul.
Lets start!

Snail Therapy 50 BB Cream SPF 30 PA ++ - 17 500KRW
I got this for my mum, when I was testing it out at the store it felt really nice. Moisturising without being oily^^
Super Origin Collagen BB Cream SPF 25 PA ++ - 11 200 KRW
This is another BB cream for my mum (they were they only thing she requested actually -.-) I chose this for her becuase I have tried and loved the ceramide version. I think this should be quite suitable for more mature skin types.
Since my mum is super no frills when it comes to her skincare/makeup (unlike me) I chose products with higher SPF factors since she does not apply sunscreen.
The First Sun Liquid SPF 50+ PA +++  - 12 000 KRW
Can anyone tell me what exactly is SPF 50 +? I am not complaining if it means higher sun protection. I got quite a number of products from the THE FIRST line my previous trip, so I wanted to try out this sunscreen.
Aloe Vera Soothing Gel - 4400 KRW
Dont think this needs any more introduction or raving from me. Awesome stuff here
Botanical Real Slimcara - 3400 KRW
I could not pass this up cos I love slim mascaras for my lower lashes and for lengthening and defining my lashes.
Shine Blossom Rose Blusher ( 03 Pink Rose) - 3450 KRW
I saw this on youtube when this Taiwanese model was showing what's in her makeup bag! Maybe I should do one too, or a what's in my bag post.
Foot and Nature Moisture Foot Mask - 3500 KRW
Normally I do not use foot masks, but I decided to try this out since my feet has been getting rather dry lately :(
Foot and Nature Peeling Foot Mask
LOVE THIS. I have not tried out peeling foot masks before and I know I am extremely late on jumping on the peeling foot mask bandwagon, but when I used it I fell in love with it.
Basically, the masks are sock shaped and we are supposed to wear them for about an hour. After about 1 week, the skin on the feet will start peeling, and when the peeling process is over, we are supposed to end up with baby soft feet.
Granted my feet is not baby soft, but I think that the results are pretty stellar.
ALICE, if you are seeing this, this is the mask I wanted you to help me get hehhehe :D
Thats all for now! Have a good week ahead yall ~


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Canmake Gokunobi Mascara Review


I think this is it. I have found a mascara that I can call my Holy Grail. The Japanese does it again.

If you haven't realised, I have not done a mascara review before. I just have not found a mascara that is good or bad enough for me to want to review it. Most mascaras that I use, high end, drugstore works fine, but nothing too spectacular.

This has sold me. I look forward to applying mascara everyday because it is so awesome. In fact I only apply mascara these days.

The Gokunobi version is the lengthening version. Be sure to double check when you get Canmake's mascaras cos the names sound very similar! There is the Gokubmori (Volumising + Seperating) and the Gokubuto (Volumising) as well. This is the one with the pink bottle and silver cap!

I got this during the Watson's member sale (Haul will be up soon). I got the set that comes with this mascara, the canmake Gradation wink eyeshadow and an makeup bag for 9.90 SGD. What an awesome deal, but the expiry date is in september 2013 thou.

 Here is what Canmake says about the product:

The secret lies in the fibers and the rich, stretchy liquid ♡

With the dual effect of fibers and stretchy liquid, your lashes will be super-long, as though you've had lash extensions!!!
● Packed with fibers with a highly lengthening effect.
● The clay-like liquid flexibly coats your lashes, exerting a lengthening effect.
● Contains strong curling wax, so it also has a perfect curl-preserving effect ☆

Waterproof(*) formulation, but can be removed with warm water!
● Can be removed quickly with warm water, for simple make-up removal.
● Can be removed without the need to rub, so can be applied over false lashes or lash extensions ☆
● Waterproof formulation that is resistant to water and sebum.
(*) It's film type prescription. So, please do not rub it too much.

My reviews:

My favourite thing about this mascara is that it gives me very nice well defined lashes without clumping. I think it is a combination of the brush and the formula that allows it to gently define the lashes

I really like the brush because it is quite slim. Slim brushes are really good for lengthening while thicker larger brushes are good for volumizing. The brush is a D shape brush which helps to lifts and seperates the lashes.
Another reason why I like slimmer brushes is because it is the easiest for me to work with. Larger brushes always result in me getting the product all over my eye :/

For people with stick straight and sparse lashes like me, I think it would be good to try out mascaras with a slimmer brush because the volume can always be enhanced with more coats of mascara.

Personally I prefer brushes over the comb or plastic type ( Think covergirl lash blast) sorta mascaras. I think they work the best for me.

Original sparse lashes

Lengthening effect is pretty good as well!~ I think that it is my lashes, but they do not work very well with volumizing mascaras because it starts looking very spider legs like after a while. Not cute :/

I really like mascaras with fibres in them. I feel that that is the best way to lengthen your lashes. The fibres will slowly be added on your natural lashes to form super long lashes.

The only issue with fibres is tha removal will be a tad messy, so be careful that you dont get the fibres all over!




Granted that this mascara does not give me va va voom lashes, or super huge and curled lashes but I am very happy with it because it really is able to enhance my lashes and make them look very naturally lengthened. Perfect for everyday use.

My lashes has been rather weak lately, so I really like that this mascara comes off really easily with eye makeup remover and even warm water! Plus it really stays put the entire day.

Working 830 - 6 in the office always mean that my makeup will smudge because my face gets really oily, but this mascara is able to stay put even in the sweltering weather.

I went to a party the other day wearing this mascara, and yes I went to bed with my makeup on because I got a little too drunk. But I woke up without the dreaded racoon eyes and there was no smudging AT ALL. My eye makeup looked as good as new. When I tried washing the mascara off with warm water, it came off very well! That was when I was sold by the mascara (Y)

My Perfect Mascara Checklist

Curl Holding Power - 2.5/5 Honestly, the only 2 mascaras that can hold a curl for my lashes is the Majolica Majorca lash expander frame plus and the Maybeline Falsies. But this mascara does give my lashes a good lift.

Lengethening - 3.5/5  Lengthens my lashes without looking too fake! Awesomeeee

Volumizing - 3/5 It is a lengthening mascara afterall, what do you expect haha. Volume can be bulit up by applying more coats

Does not clump -  4.5/5 It is one of the rare mascaras that I can applies coats and coats off without having that spidery lash effect.

Does not smudge - 5/5 No smudging, stays put in the harshest of environements

Easy Removal - 4.5/5 Very very very easy to remove for a waterproof mascara. No scratch that, for ANY mascara.

This would be a mascara that I would definitely consider when I need a new mascara. If you are the sort with very long and curly lashes who like a lot of drama this would not be the mascara for you. This is a mascara for those who like the more natural look. I think it would be perfect for no - makeup makeup days.

Thats all for the review. If you are in Singapore, stay indoors as much as possible until the haze gets better!!

Till next time then xxx

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer 2013 Skinfood Haul!



I hope everyone is doing good with the haze and all. My eyes are terribly itchy and teary everytime I go outdoors :((

So, here's a post to celebrate friday :DDDDD

I did not go too crazy at skinfood cos I never was a very big fan of the brand, but I am starting to enjoy it quite abit! I'll share about my favourite things to get from the different brands in another post.

Skinfood Honey Red Orange Mask - 9 900KRW
Love this so much!!!! I did a short review about it  here (LINK) Love how my skin becomes super soft after using this.
Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off - 7 700KRW
This was not in the main picture because I got this at the very last minute after I fell in love with it after trying out a sample. This was in my MVPs of the summer ! LINK here

Skinfood Glacier Water Multi Toner (Toning - Soothing) - 10 000KRW
This is one of the new summer releases, looks like a bottle of mineral water doesn't it? I havent tried it out but I decided to get it cos it looks like a no frills all purpose toner. I am thinking of storing it in the fridge! I think it would feel very comfortable on the skin when it is chilled.
Skinfood Jungle Fruit Real Fresh Multi Juice - 8000 KRW
I got #1 Pink Apple Jungle & #2 Pink Melon Jungle
These are also a summer product and they are frickin awesome stuff. They multi purpose tints and are super pigmented. They come in a bunch of very cool colours. I remember seeing a gorgeous gold shade that I was very tempted to get. It would look so good as an eye shadow and as a highlighter on tanned skin!
But I got a coral and hot pink shade. Haha very boring choices there. I wanted to get something that I know I would definitely use *defensive*.
Skinfood Real Colour Lip Pencil - 7000 KRW
This was an impulse buy I must admit, but I think(?) that I really liked the colour when I swatched it.
Skinfood Avocade Leave - In Fluid - 5 500 KRW
If you have not tried any hair products from Korean cosmetics shops, GET IT NOW. They have an insane variety of serums/shampoos/treatments etc. I feel that most of these inexpensive Korean cosmetics brands make very good quality hair products. I really like hair products from skinfood and The Face Shop.
Skinfood Pomegranate Scalp Care Tonic - 10 900KRW
Thought it was about time that I put my scalp on my 'to care for better' list !
Thats all for todayyyy!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Shiseido Private Sale 2013 Haul

Hi Hello!

Im interrupting my series of Korean makeup haul with my new haul from my recent visit to the bi-annual Shiseido Private Sale. I was really contemplating on whether or not I should go to the sale because I have a whole lot of new and unused products. Plus I also did a bit of shopping from the Watson's member's sale on the 12th of June. (Disadvantages of working in a mall)

The sale was held on the 12th &13th June from 10am till 8pm at Orchard Building. I went there after work and IT WAS A BATTLEFIELD. It was war. There was so many people and so much unncessary nudging. Honestly I got quite pissed at how aggressive some people could get.

The sale was pretty good, but I did not really need anything, so I did my best to control any impulsive buys. Im sorry I did not take pictures of the sale because I just wanted to get out of there ASAP.

Some price information and what I saw there.

NARS single eyeshadows: $20
NARS duo eyeshadows: $30
NARS powder blush: $30
NARS nail polish: $15
NARS Sheer Glow/Sheer Matte Foundation: $35
NARS Makeup Remover Water: $25
NARS Eyebrow Pencil
NARS Lipsticks
NARS Bronzers
NARS Andy Warhol sets

There was quite a wide selection of Shiseido and Maquillage makeup and skincare products, Cle De Peau Beaute makeup.

Aqua Label products was going for cheap. $5 per product and $12 for 3.

Majolica Majorca, ZA makeup were going for more than half of their retail price as well.

Tsubaki Shampoos were really popular but I did not check out the prices.

Also Ettusais products were going at a very big discount as well. There were miscellaneous stuff like makeup pouches and bags going for $5 onwards.

Here's what I got from the sale!

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening 1-2-3 Set - $45

Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum - $50
I have always wanted to try out the white lucent range after hearing so many good reviews about it. I am exceptionally excited to try out the spot targeting serum and see how it compares against the SKII spots specialist.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (Light 6 Ceylan) - $35
I had a hard time deciding whether to get this or not, given that I just bought the YSL Touche Eclat Foundation and the Lancome Matte Miracle Foundation. I decided to go ahead and get it since I have always wanted to try this and it is on such a huge discount!!!!
I am a little worried about the colour thou. I originally wanted to get Light 4 Deauville but they have ran out of it :( I will try my hardest to review the YSL, Lancome and this foundation ASAP!


Nars Duo Eyeshadow (Alhambra) - $30
There was a pretty wide selection of colours available, but by the time I got there, most of the colours were oos. I decided to get this palette beause as of now, these are the colours that I would use the most for work. Very pretty and neutral.
AquaLabel Products - $12 for 3
Aqualabel Moist Essence GG
AquaLabel White AC Essence AC
AquaLabel White AC Emulsion
These were the impulse buys, but they sound very promising especially the White AC range they are right up my alley. Whitening and acne prevention^^
These all retail for $29.90 each.
If you have missed this sale, no worries because there should be another one at the end of the year. If you are thinking of going to one of these private sales, I would suggest going there on the first day, and  as early as possible so most of the products would still be available. Also you will get to avoid the working crowd.
Do try to avoid lunchtime and after work peak timings because it would be insane. Also make sure that you are prepared with the right payment methods! Try not to get too overwhelmed by all the madness. KEEP CALM AND BUY SOME OF THEM MAKEUP.


MVPs of Summer 2013


Today I am going to talk about the MVPs pf my summer trip. For this trip, I used only sample skincare and body products for the entire trip. So the MVPs would be the products that I tried, loved and got a full sized version of .^^

At first I was a tad apprehensive about using the lower end Korean skincare products, because most of my basic skincare products are from Laneige and Iope which are more middle end products. But I was blown away. My skin became better, I had no issuses with breakouts or clogged pores or uneven skintone despite the many late nights and drinking sessions that I had. Even my friend who only uses high end products felt that the Etude House and Skinfood products that she used improved the overall condition of her skin!

So here are the awesome products~

Skinfood Rice Mask -  7700 KRW

This mask is outstandingly stellar. I used it right after I gave myself an facial + extraction of blackheads. My face was all red and blotchy. I should not have used it right after extraction when my skin was more sensitive since this mask has scrubby bits that helps with exfoliation. But I went ahead and used it and my skin was super bright and even after. The red blotches from the extraction was significantly reduced and my skin was baby soft and fair!

Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam - 6020 KRW

I was using a sample bottle of this cleanser because I dont like using sample cleansers that come in little sachets. I feel that there would be alot of wastage but I dont like to leave the opened sachet lying around. I am very OCD like that.

So I brought this along without having high hopes for it as I have used cheaper deep cleansing cleansers and they always dry my skin out. But this product did impress me. Even when using it as a morning cleanser, it did not strip my skin out. My skin was throughly cleansed without having that tight feeling :D It feels very good on the skin as well. It foams up into this very nice rich lather that feels very smooth on the skin. Makes washing my face a lot more enjoyable hehe.

I do not know if it was the climate, the makeup remover or this cleanser that somehow worked magic, but my skin was less clogged and very clear. I was not even using my clarasonic! Personally I think that this is a very good buy because it is inexpensive, huge and works well ^^

The Saem Skin Fit Silk Finish BB Cream SPF 30 PA++ - 16 000KRW
I remember being very skeptical about this product and I was giving all the samples away to my friends hehe.

OMG this is amazing. It really does feel like silk on the skin. It dries into this powdery finish which is perfect for my combination oily skin. Oil control check, pore coverage check, coverage check. This has medium coverage while still looking very natural. It fakes nice healthly glowy skin very well because I used this when I had to wake up at 5 am for our schedule and my skin still looked very fresh. I just cannot believe I did not take a picture of myself :( I will post up pix of my face when I review it!

Holika Holika Heart Lipstick in Pink Bon Bon - 7900 KRW

This was not a sample, but I loved it so much I went back and bought 2 more of these heart lipsticks in different colours of course. I love this so much it has became the lipstick of the trip. The colour is gorgeous and super pigmented. It is also moisturising but long lasting. I do not know how they managed to create such a perfect combination. But it is a must try.

Guardian Facial Cleansing Wipes - 3.50 SGD (Pack of 2)

Again,this is also not a sample, I like getting makeup remover wipes because they are travel friendly. I dont normally use makeup remover wipes but I think that these are stellar makeup remover wipes. They are very inexpensive and they remove makeup very well! During the trip, I would normally remove my face makeup with these wipes and follow up with a cleansing cream and them wash my face with my cleansing foam. Or when I am lazy, I would just wipe off all my makeup with the wipes and follow up with the etude house cleanser.

It is unscented and I love that about it. It is also very gentle on the skin^^ But it is quite difficult to find. I got mine at the Guardian at Somerset 313. I was checking the Guardian at Bukit Panjang Plaza but they did not have this in stock.

Thats all! Have a good weekend yall xxx

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer 2013 Boons Apothecary Haul


Sorry I have been rather inactive recently, but I have been so tired from doing my internship~~~ Waking up early is such a torture. Please do not forget about me in the meantime okayyyyyyy <3

I need to share this awesome place with you - Boons Apothecary. It is a huge beauty supermart in Gangnam. It stocks up a whole lot of western brands that is very difficult to find in the region. I would compare to Sephora maybe? But not quite because it stocks up quite a fair bit of drugstore brands as well. It is quite an eyeopener and we get to try out brands that we normally have to get online!

They have Bioderma, Mario Badescu (they are very difficult to find in Korea), Japanese drugstore brands and even Real Techniques Brushes!

Here is the LINK to the store! If you read Korean.

*Now that I have checked out the website and seen the list of their stores, I am feeling like a major idiot because I was walking around the whole of Gangnam looking for this store when there are stores in Hongdae and Myeongdong :/

These are the directions to the stores (I will just list the ones in the more popular areas)

Gangnam Store
 Gangnam Station (Line 2) Exit 11
The store is right outside exit 11

Hongdae Store
Sangsu Station Exit 2

Myeongdong Store
Euljiro 1 ga station Exit 5,6

 My very very small haul

Ciracle Anti Blemish Aqua Cream - 14 000KRW

I first heard about this product from one of a review on youtube. It is a light gel type moisturizer. They sell Ciracle in Singapore (Online and at BHG) as well, but they do not have this product if im not wrong. I have not tried this out, but Alice is aboslutely loving it. So I am very excited to try it out. Plus, it was on sale :D

Ciracle Anti Blemish Spot-A-Sol - 12 000KRW

This is an acne treatment or acne preventive treatment. It was the last bottle on the shelf so I am assuming it works well :)

 Heroine Make Eyeliner in Brown - 14 000

I think most of you should be familiar with this, they sell this in Watsons and it is really popular on Taiwan as well. I have always been wanting to try this but I always have a backup of the DollyWink eyeliner. This is the first time I have seen this eyeliner in Brown so I had to get it. I also made Alice give up her dollywink for this heh.

Thats all for my haul!!! Here's some pictures of myself to remind you how I look like :D

I get very bored at work sometimes ~~

Oh and hair update! I permed my hair, so no more curling everyday (Y) But I had to get it done twice cos the first perm was too weak for my super straight hair. So my hair is rather damaged now :( I really think that grass is greener on the other side cos I am loving the volume of damaged hair hahaha.

By my super awesome friend who is an amazing photographer. This was the last of my straight hair ^^

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer 2013 Too School For School Haul


This trip to Korea is the first time I have ever bought so many items from TCFS. I always thought TCFS was a little gimmicky, because I never was very attracted to cute or novel packaging. But this time I decided to try out more of their products because the host of Lady First (女人我最大) 蓝心湄 (Pauline Lan) is an avid fan of their brand. She has mentioned that she really likes the concept and packaging of their products, but if the products are not good, she would not keep going back to the brand right?

Anyhos, I feel that TCFS is not as cheap as the other brands so I am expecting better quality products. Also in almost every TCFS store that I went to, there were always Taiwanese tourists with super long list! I really feel that it is the power of 女人我最大 :D

Here are the stuff that I got!

I tried to keep my haul to the minimum so I only got the things that I really wanted to try.

Egg Mousse Pack -  12 000KRW

This is one of the most popular item in the store. The TCFS in Myeongdong was sold out! Normally store in Myeongdong are the most well stocked ones, so it must be really popular with the tourists at least. Again this was on my list because 蓝心湄 (Pauline Lan) was raving about it on the show. I am really holding very high hopes for this! I will do a review about this asap!

Egg Mousse Soap - 12 000KRW

If you have read about my trecherous journey home HERE you would have known the tragic story behind why I had to give this away to a random stranger. But this is one of the most popular cleansers in the store. Mousse soaps are really gentle on the skin and the smaller particles of the mousse will help to clean out the gunk in our pores better~

After School BB Foundation Lunch Box (SPF 37 PA++) - 18 000KRW

This BB cream/foundation come with a concealer and highlighter on the top, so I thought it was pretty nifty. The product itself is quite light and watery so plus points for that!

Maybe Baby Lip Scrub - 13 000 KRW

This is a very cool product. It is double ended and there is a lip scrub on one side, and a lip balm on another.

I wanted to get it, but I totally forgot about it until the salesgirl tried it on my friend. When I tried it on, I was sold. I really like how the scrub bits are very gentle and small but it exfoliates really well. When I tried it, my lips felt really dry and no amout of lip balm helped. If you have ever felt this way before, you should try exfoliating. The 'dryness' is due to the buildup of makeup product and excess dead skin cells.

The scrub gave me baby soft lips without being too abrasive like how the Lush lip scrubs can be.

Mc Girly BB Cream - 33 000KRW

At 33 000KRW, this is definitely on the pricier side, but there was a promotion, so it came with a refill of the product. A pretty good deal there I must say and I can share it with my mum :)

The main reason why I got this was because it felt really light on the skin, and gave my skin this very pretty translucency and glow without looking too oily. I havent started using it yet, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it would be good~

Pocket Perfume (Emma) - 15 000KRW

Normally I dont get soild perfumes, but I got this again because 蓝心湄 (Pauline Lan) was saying how much she like it, I should stop watching so much TV. This post is becoming a tribute to her hahaha. That aside, this smells really good thou, I had a really hard time deciding between this and the blue one. Both smells really good.

This is all for my TCFS haul! I will try to finish up the rest of my hauls soon~~~

Till next time then xxx