Sunday, April 28, 2013

April Haul


I thought I have been rather good lately since I have not been shopping too much, but NO, I did get my girlfriend to get me some stuff from the French pharmacy when she was in Paris. I am terrible. I am blaming it on the exam stress.

These were the things that I got, the Bioderma and the Embryolisse are both repurchases.

This was 16.50 Euros which works up to about 27 SGD. I think it is pretty inexpensive for a serum and Bioderma is way more expensive here in Singapore. I did a short review about this product in my morning skincare routine post (.REVIEW)
This is 19.60 Euros which works out to about 32 SGD. If you watch the pixiwoo sisters on youtube, you should not be unfamiliar with this.  This is a very no frills, unscented moisturiser that works really well. It is very versatile as well, it can work as a makeup remover and does a really good job at soothing the skin. This is very suitable for those with dry to very dry skin since it is super rich.
I saw this at Aritaum in Seoul as well I am not too sure how much it costs though.
Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation
I have been wanting to get this since I watched Lisa Eldridge's video on acne covering makeup (LINK) it is a full coverage foundation and one of my girlfriend uses this and her skin looks flawless!
This was about 31 SGD


Maybelline One by One
I dont even know when my girlfriend  got this cos I remembered that the only time that I asked her to get it for me was like early last year ? She finally got around to passing me this haha This was about 6 ish USD?
Bioglo Cherry Pink Lip Cream
This is a lip cream that helps to lighten dark lip colour. I think we are supposed it for like 2 weeks in a row and our lips would be nice and pinky. It was supposed to be a nipple cream? To help lighten any pigmentation.
If this works, it would be a really good product for those with pigmented lips. On it;s own, it works as a really good lip tint!
I got this on the Qoo10 for 18 SGD (LINK)
Thats all for my haul! Have a good week yall and MAY THE BELL CURVE GOD BE WITH ME


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Coloured Smokey Eyes - Green


I am a little late on this one, I havent got the time to take pictures and be inspired to try out new makeup looks cos of all the exam preparation and madness. But here is what I came up wth using the Wet and Wild Colour Icon eyeshadow palette in Comfort Zone

Before I start, I need to rave about how divine this eyeshadow palette is. The colours are super pigmented, it is neither chalky nor does it have large chunky pieces of glitter. PLUS it is super inexpensive!  I got mine from Under-twenty (LINK)
Lets start!
1) Apply a light cream coloured shadow all over your eyelids
I used a shimmery cream shade (Shade 1) as a wash all over my lids
2) Apply shade 2 to your eyelids all the way up to your crease
3) Apply shade 3 to the outer corners of the eyes, blending it with the lighter shade
4) Apply shade 4 ( brown shade) to the crease to blend out the harsh edges

 5) Apply shade 5 ( the darkest shade) to the outer corners to intensify the look
6) Apply a brown pencil liner to the upper and lower eyeline and smudge out the liner.
I choose to use an old school khol liner and not the new gel pencil liners because they smudge better.
This is in the shade 'Saddle' from Topshop
7) Apply shade 5 on top of the liner to set the liner.
8) Add liquid liner and mascara
Add false lashes for more drama !
The completed look~~
 Thats all for today!! To those that are going to take their exams, GOOD LUCK!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

This or That Tag


I have not been too inspired lately, so I decided on doing something more fun! I love doing tag posts and quizzes and the works!

Lets start!


blush or bronzer
Blush! Cannot live without it. I only use bronzer to contour actually, why try so hard to be fair and then add a tan with bronzer right?

lip gloss or lipstick
Lipstick fo sure

eye liner or mascara
This is quite hard actually, in the past, I would have chose eyeliner in a heartbeat, but I am actually using eyeliner less frequently now. So I would have to go with Mascara

foundation or concealer
Foundation , just because it can double up as a concealer as well hehe

neutral or color eye shadow
Netral! I am not particularly creative so I would prefer to make safer choices.

pressed or loose eye shadows
Pressed, Loose eyeshadows are just too much of a hassle.

brushes or sponges

OPI or china glaze


Long or short
Short. I have no patience with long nails.

Acrylic or natural

Brights or darks

Flower or no flower
Simi? hahaha no flower

perfume or body splash

Perfume! More long lasting and comes in a prettier bottle :)

lotion or body butter
Eh none? I dont use a body lotion actually. But if I had to choose I would say lotion

body wash or soap

lush or other bath company
I am not particular about what I use on my body as long as it smells nice and works well. So none?

jeans or sweat pants

None again? I dont like to cover up my legs, but Jeans if I had to wear something out of the 2 haha

long sleeve of short
Short! Sg is too warm

dresses or skirts
This is so hard, Dresses!

stripes or plaid

flip flops or sandals

scarves or hats
Scarves. I dont know how to wear hats comfortably I am very odd like that.

studs or dangly earrings
Studs! Sparkly studs

necklaces or bracelets

heels or flats
Heels! In my ideal world I would be in heels everyday, but no I actually live in flats

cowboy boots or riding boots
Riding boots?

jacket or hoodie
Jacket! Hoodies mess with my hair

forever 21 or charlotte russe

abercombie or Hollister

saks 5th or nordstrom


curly or straight

Curly, just cos the grass is greener on the other side

bun or ponytail

bobby pins or butterfly clips
Butterfly clips.

hair spray or gel

long or short

light or dark

side sweep bangs or full bangs
Side swept. But I have phases, but side swept for now

up or down


Rain or shine
Shine, just cos it's more convienient. Rainy days on stay in days are amazing!

Summer or winter
None? UMMMMM Summer, cos we have to wear too many layers in winter.

Fall or spring
Both??? Em Spring

Chocolate or vanilla

East coast or west coast

That was fun wasn't it? Have a good week yall :D

My Morning Skincare Routine

Hi ho!

I am finally doing a most on my current day skincare routine. I have tried out several different combinations of products, but I feel that my current routine does a pretty good job at prepping my skin for makeup.

My morning routine is pretty basic, because I plan my waking up time such that I have no extra time to do things slowly haha I like living on the edge like that ;). So I need very quick and use as little products as possible to get maximum results. This is starting to sound like a very cheesy advert.

Lets go!

These are all the products that I use. For the day, I think the most important step is sunscreen.
Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser
 For the mornings I would choose a cleanser that is milder, nothing that is meant for deep cleansing because I dont want to strip my skin off it's moisture and result in my skin producing more oils throughout the day.
I like this because it smells very citrusy and it helps to refresh me when I am getting ready ^^
Iope Bio Essence
Next, I would pat some of my handy dandy Iope Bio Essence after cleansing. I dont use a cotton pad in the morning because my face is relatively clean in the mornings and I would be able to get the maximum moisturizing effects the product.
 Actually any lip balm out of a squeezy tube would do. I prefer these because those in a stick contains more wax and hence is less moisturizing. I always prep my lips with lipbalm first thing after my toner so that it has adequate time to sink into my lips before I apply my lip products.
 Be sure to blot it away before you apply lipstick so that it would not affect the pigmentation and lasting power of your lipstick.
Skinfood Potiron Au Lait Eye Cream
Eye creams are a must for me both day and night because I have very dry undereyes. This cream is quite thick, given that it is for intense moisture. I use this both day and night but in the day, I use a very small amount so that it would not affect how my concealer and makeup application.


Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner
For the day, I like using serums targetted at pore refining because they tend to have mattifying effects and/or are generally lighter in texture. This is pretty awesome~! It feels like a primer and it is absorbed in to my skin very quickly, another part which I really appreciate cos I do not have the time to massage and wait for the product to be absorbed into my skin.
It is supposed to work as a makeup base as well.

Origins Vita Zing SPF 15
This was a product that I got cos there was so much hype about it on youtube. I think it is fine, but nothing particularly spactacular about it.
There are little spheres that pop open when you apply it to your skin and it is slightly tinted. I see people on youtube applying this as their base makeup. I am like wtf ?! The coverage is very minimal. I mean they prolly have perfect skin.
I like using products with SPF in the day, because if your sunscreen is not applied evenly, it's SPF and effects would be decreased, so I like to use products with spf so that yknow I would get more protection in case my sunscreen's effects gets discounted which is very common.
Olay White Radiance Sunscreen SPF 30 PA+++
I dont normally use sunscreens that are not SPF 50, but I am desperately trying to finish this because it expires in June. I do like this though, because it promises to whiten and protect. It is the milky sorta sunscreen but it does leave me a little oily I feel. It was a number 1 item in Taiwan in 2010 or 2011 I think, but I personally would not repurchase it.
There is an SPF 50 version of this available in Watsons, but if I am not wrong, it comes in a cream form instead of a milky form.
Thats all!!! I hope this would be helpful when you plan your own skincare routine :)


Revlon Lip Butters


So it is the beginning of recess week and I have so much that I need to revise. All my open book exams are those that I can do closed booked and the closed booked are the ones that have a ton of stuff that I need to memorise zzzzzzzzzz. Anyhos I am very late on blogging about the Revlon Lip Butters because they were released like last year?

Like all Revlon products, they are a tad below 20 SGD which are slightly pricier than other drugstore brands, but the quality of these lip butters are amazing, worth every penny. Lets start shall we?

I have got them in 3 shades, 035 Candy Apple, 025 Peach Parfait, 096 Macaroon

025 Peach Parfait
Like it's name suggest, it is a peachy shade and there are tiny glittery bits in it. I am normally not a fan of lip products with glitter bits in it unless it is a lipgloss, but I really like this shade. This is my favourite shade out of all. It is a very your lips but better colour.
096 Macaroon

This is a very nice wearable shade of dusty red, again with glitter reflects. Like peach parfait, it is very flattering on my skintone, and I think these 2 shades would be suitable for most skin tones. Depending on your original lip colour, this could be a your lips but better shade for those with darker lips. 
035 Candy Apple

This is a very bright shade of red, and makes quite a statement when applied on more heavily. Unlike the previous 2, this does not have any shimmer or glitter, but the formula does make it look glossy.
I like these lip butters because they are so insanely moisturising and they do not cling to any dry flakey bits that you may have. It is not sticky as well!
Unlike most tinted lipbalms the colour payoff is very good and it is very versatile. If you want a more natural look you can get away with one coat. If you want a brighter more dramatic look, just swipe on a coupla more coats and it looks amazing.
The lasting power is pretty decent for a moisturising formula, It lasts me about a good 2-3 hours which is rather long given that I drink water very very very often.
Do try them out!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mila Kunis Inspired Eyes


As I was watching makeup videos on Youtube earlier on in the week, I happened to chance upoon a video that was a Mila Kunis inspired day to night makeup. Here is the video : LINK. This youtube guru is one of my favourites because she is really good and also Asian which makes her makeup looks easier to replicate and follow.

It then occured to me, Why haven't I done a Mila Kunis look before? I love her dark plummy smokey eye looks and she is SO HOT anyhos here was what I did!

This was the picture that I drew inspiration from

This was what I came up with

Lets start!!

All the shadows were from the Naked 1 Palette

1) Apply a matte brown shade to your crease

I used Buck to countour my crease , this provides a base for my lid shade to blend into.

2) Apply Hustle to the 2/3 of the lids.

Hustle is a dark plummy purple and I applied it to 2/3 of my lids to leave space for the gold shade.

I also used Hustle to map out the shape I wanted.

3) Blend out the lid colour using a brown shade.
Here I am using Smog. I think browns are very important when doing a smokey eye because it brings back warmth the the look.
Using a blending brush, use windshield wiper movements to blend out the shadows.

4) Add a gold shade to the first 1/3 of the lid.
I used Half Baked for this. Adding a bright colour would bring more light and brighten up the entire look.

5) Add black to the outer V.

I used Creep to darken the outer corners of the eyes to add more depth and drama.

6) Line the upper and lower waterline, Add Shadow to the lower eyeline , Mascara and False Lashes.

After lining the lower waterline, I mixed Hustle and  Creep and applied it just below the waterline.

Add mascara and false lashes and we are all done!!!

This is the final look!

The lighting did wash out the colours a whole lot, so for occassion with bright lights/ flash photography, I would darken the look a lot more and be a little more heavy handed with the bronzer and blush.


I really really like it! I think I may do this look for one of my nights out :D