Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 2013 Collective Haul


Since today is the last day of March, it would be timely for me to do a collective haul!

I did get some new products this month and I am very excited about them!

There was a smoochiezz flea stall in my school last tuesday and I got 2 things.

1) E.L.F Countouring Blush & Bronzing Cream


I have the powdered version of this and I use the powdered bronzer daily. Huge loving there. Also it is quite rare to find cream bronzers so I went ahead to get it. It was 8 SGD.
2) NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Spicy

I already own 2 of these and I really enjoy the formulation and pigementation of this. I would do a review of this along with the other 2 that I have! This was 12 SGD.
3) Make On Super Long Lasting Waterproof Gel Pencil Liner in Look at Me Lovely Beige

Actually my mum was the one who got me this. We got this from the Singapore version of gmarket. My mum is a very experienced gmarketer heh. I love gel pencil liners and this is the perfect shade for creating agyeossal ^^

I got this for 6.90 SGD plus postage.

HERE is the link to the page if you are interested!

4) Nivea Fruity Shine -  Pink Guava
My most recent purchase! Review of this would be up in 2 days~~
Since it is the last day of March, here are some pictures of my rather wonderous March^^
Celebrated one of my girlfriend's birthday, had a super amazing roast chicken dinner at her place followed by Mink :)
I also used the most amazing shade of red lipstick!
My friend got the lipstick for less that 6 SGD at Mustafa !!!! It was really creamy and moisturing, it was the most perfect shade of red for my skintone. Gorgeous!
I need this. Going to hunt it down!
Celebrated Alice's birthday with my favourite people from exchange<3
Grandma's birthday dinner + Staycation at MBS with my girlfriends :)

Loved our room with the insanely huge mirrors to camwhore with :D

Awesome room!!!

With my super gorgeous girlfriends before heading out to Zouk :D

I hope you had a good March and have an even better April <3



Combat Clogged Pores!


I am finally back! I have been insanely busy as the school semester is coming to an end. March seems to be a very popular birthday month! I have been to 3 birthdays so far + have been partying A LOT. I am terribly guilty of that :/

Anyway, I wanted to do a post on how I control clogging~ I use control because I have not been able to successfully eliminate all the clogged pores, blackheads and gunky stuff in my face. I have very large pores that are heriditary I believe because I have had very large pores from young. Having larger pores would mean that I am more prone to having clogged pores, black heads, white heads and oil plugs. I realised that alot of my friends especially those with oiler skin are also facing the same problems. We are also very prone to small bumps that are not pimples or acne.

So here are my tips for keeping clogged pores under control~

1) Foam/ Mousse Cleansers

I would recommend cleansers that would foam up, or mousse cleansers because the smaller particles/ bubbles would be able to more effectively clean up the gunk in our pores.

If you like foam cleansers, a tip that I learnt is to use a bubble net. It would change your foam cleanser into a facial cleansing mousse-y like whip. I know a lot of japanese girls use this method!
A little bit of cleanser would create a whole lot of foamy goodness~

Here is how the net looks like

All the foamy bubbly goodness!

This would be amazing for people who already have a holy grail cleanser, or those that do not want to go out and buy a new cleanser because it helps to enhance the effectiveness of the cleansers!

I watched a video on this and the person was using a bar face soap. There was in insane amount of foam! It works for practically all types of cleansers~

I personally don't use this method because I am too lazy to go out to get a bubble net. I heard they sell it at daiso and maybe muji?

Google "facial cleanser bubble net" and there would be information on where to get it ^^

For lazy people like me, you can consider using a mousse type cleanser, since it comes out in a foam bubbly whippy form~

There are a whole range of mousse cleaners out there.

 Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash

Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Pack

This was featured in 女人我最大, and the host Pauline Lan was totes raving about it! I will get one when I go to Seoul in the summer :D

2) All over acne treatment

This is not to be confused with a targeted spot treatment. I use treatments like this daily and it is supposed to help to unclog pores and prevent future breakouts.

I have tried several products but I have not seen a significant improvements. However I feel that it does keep my skin under control since acne and blackheads does increase with stress and it is largely dependant on my lifestyle.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control, 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment 

I got this from What I really like about this product is how light it feels on the skin and it gets absorbed in the skin in a flash. It is also very inexpensive at $8.39 USD. It smells deliciously of cucumbers as well.

Here is another product with very good reviews

La Roche Posay Effclar Duo
I bought this when watsons was having a storewide sale, but I have yet to try it. It is supposed to purify the pores and correct imperfections.
3) Exfoliate
I have always emphasized about the importance of exfoliation! Here is a list of my favourite exfoliants :D
4) Purifying Masks
I would also recommend using pore cleansing purifying masks 2-3 times per week. Clay masks or oxygen masks would be good!
4) Targeted spot treatments
I would apply these targeted spot treatments at areas that I am prone to breaking out and clogged/ bumpy areas even when I am not actually breaking out. I feel that it works really well to reduce the bumps and prevent acne from reappearing at the same spots.
I have found an amazing product that really help to clear out my pimples! I will do a post on this real soon! So excited to share it with yall :)
I hope this would be helpful^^ But skincare is not enough, be sure to drink lots of water and get lots of sleep!
Till next time~~~~

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wash off Masks of the month - Beauty Box 2


So here is my beauty box for the next 2 weeks. It is so full!

My skin has been a little iffy recently because I sleep cycle has been terrible, so I really need to give my skin a good treat this week.

Fine, I also wanted to tell y'all more about the masks that I have been using.

Here they are!

They are mostly pore care/troubled skin masks so I would spread these over 2 weeks just to make sure I do not over do it.

I have been changing up my skincare routine abit using some new products that I am really excited to try out. So please do watch out for this space for more updates ^^

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Reviews of the week


I'm finally blogging about the reviews that I promised I'd do Here . I am really happy that I made myself use all my unused products because I know if I didnt, they would be left there all forgotten.


So I had 2 favourites out of all these products. They are the BB Cream, did a review Here  and the Tony Moly Lover Cube.

I'll talk about the Tony Moly Lover Cube first.

I got mine in shade 02 Brown

I really like it's packaging, very sleek and simple. The brush is kept in a very smart little side drawer and is really soft. It's shape is suitable for highlighting. Absolute love

Here's a swatch of all the colours all blended together. But personally I have been using it as a powder highlight, I use the brush and swipe only the lightest 2 colours on top. It works as a really pretty highlighter.

I particulary like how it does not have any chunky bits of glitter, so it gives off a very nice natural sheen.

It is pricier than the other blushers/bronzers in the store at 16 900 KRW,  but I think it is a total steal. It's a very good dupe for the bobbi brown shimmer bricks. It could be used in a whole lot of ways. As a bronzer, highlighter and eyeshadow. It comes with alot of product at 9g, very worth it's price!

I used the highlighter on my nose bridge, area below my eyes, on my cheekbones, middle of my forehead and chin.


Next the eyeshadows.

Among the 2, I prefer the Canmake Perfect Styling Eyes #04



I think it is a pretty palette and it offers 5 shadows which is a good amount for it's price.

The pigementation of the lighter colours are pretty average, nothing wow, but I do love the pink shade. Looks so pretty! 

The quality of the shadows are pretty good and buttery. But the darkest shade does swatch a tad chalky. I am not a fan of the glittery 'topping jewel' shade. It would look good in the middle of the eyelid as a pop of sparkle but it is not something that I would use on a daily basis.

 Personally I did not think that the topping jewel shade works well as an under eyelid highlight because it is too glittery and the it lacks an actual colour so it doesnt show up very well.

This was the look that I did, like most japanese eyeshadows, the pigmentation is pretty weak, but I would recommend it to those who prefer natural eyeshadows.
Finally the Canmake Four Shiny Eyes #11



I really did not like the quality of the shadows because they dont blend very well, and the shimmer bits are a tad too chunky for my liking.

Perhaps it was the colour that I choose, it has a very fall colour scheme. The reddish/ copper shades makes this palette potentially tricky to work with especially for beginners because the reddish shade would make your eyes look puffy and allergy-ish.

But my tip to using colours like these would be to balance it with more black liner and false eyelashes. It would look fabulous for the fall season.


Thats all for today :)

Credits to all pictures

Friday, March 15, 2013

Etude House Precious Minerals All Day Strong BB Cream


Sorry I haven't been updating that often, I have been insanely busy since saturday. Watched 2 concerts, one by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra and another by NUS Symphony Orchestra over the weekend for my chinese music module in school. Went to velvet on Saturday came home with bloodied blisters on my feet :'(  Had a mega presentation on Monday and tons of work for the week meh.

ANW, remember the Beauty Box thingy I made to make me use my underused makeup? I am here to review Etude House's Precious Minerals All Day Strong BB cream. Instead if having all the reviews in a post, I wanted to do this individually, well because I think it deserves an individual post heh.

I got the one in Sheer Silky Skin because it was supposed to have the best oil control.

My intial expectation of this was really high since Eugenia was saying how all her friends love the precious mineral line and Alice had a really good experience with this.

Here is how it looks like

Completely blended out

It does look a tad dark at first, but it was a good match for my skintone. I did appreciate the fact that it has yellow undertones so it looks more natural and the 'fairness' of the BB cream does not make me look like a zombie.

I also like how it is not sticky, you don't feel like you need to set it with a powder or fear that it may transfer onto your clothes. It completely melts into the skin.

It does quite a good job of brightening up my skintone and I would say it has medium coverage. It was able to reduce the darkness of my dark circles and blemishes.

My pores looks more smoothened out and my skin looks more even. Close up, my pores are still rather visible, but normally I would need a primer for completely flawess skin, it's good enough for a BB cream.

Beware of pores galore


As for oil control, it was pretty average, nothing stellar. It lasted me about 2-3 hours.
Overall I think it is a good product! Very fuss free and does everything a good BB cream does. It is also very inexpensive and although the product is creamy, it does not weigh down your skin.

But tragedy struck! While looking up on the etude house website, I realised that they MIGHT have discontinued the All Day Strong Line. Woes of buying something in 2011 and using it only in 2013.
But fret not, they have came up with an upgraded version of it.

Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream
I dont have this version, but I'm sure I have a sample of this somewhere, I'll review it when I find it^^

They have a relatively wider range of colours, so awesome of those with darker skintones :)

Till next time then ^^