Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stash Rediscoveries - Revlon ColourBurst Lipstick

Hi ho~

I was suppose to talk about these last week, but I forgot :/

Anyway, I really wanted to talk about these lipsticks, because they are of really good quality for its price. I got them again, under the influence of youtube gurus back in 2011. They were raving about the colour 070 soft nude in particular so I decided that I had to have it.

Here goes!



I got 2 shades, 070 soft nude and 080 coral.

What I really enjoy about these lipsticks is how creamy and pigmented they are. They are moisturising without being glossy they give off a really nice creamy sheen. Since I only got 2 shades, I have to say that the formula is rather consistent throughout both colours, but I am not sure if it is the same for the other shades.

The lasting power is pretty average, lasts me about a good 2-3 hours for the lighter shade. Which I think is pretty decent, given that I am the type that drinks water once every hour or so and how moisturing the formula is.

Yes! Also I like how these lipsticks are not scented^^

070 soft nude : It is a very pretty pinky nude that goes very well with darker eye looks. Again the formulation is a good combination with the colour because it is such a light shade, so if the formula is not moisturising enough, it would emphasize any dry spots you might have.

080 coral: This is such a bombshell shade. The coral is more of a red-orange (VS orangey red) I would personally describe it as a red with orange undertones. This colour is so pigmented and makes such a statement. I was really pleasantly suprised to be able to find such a good quality red lipstick from the drugstore. What I really like about this shade is that it really brightens up yellow based skintones, so perfect for yellow-y me :}

I created a very natural gradient lip using this 2 shades, because the nude shade is so moisturising, there was no need for me to go over with a lip balm/gloss^^

Thats all for now! I will post an entry about gradient lips soon, because I am so obsessed about it heh. Till next time then!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Lorac Pro Palette


I know I am not supposed to get any new makeup, but after considering it for ever, I decided to get it and I must say I love it.

I can never resist eyeshadow palettes, especially neutral palettes. I have both the naked palettes and I personally like this palette more, just because it is slimmer, has more colours and has a good mix of matte and shimmery shades.

This palette come with 16 shades and an eyeshadow primer.

Lorac is not available in Singapore, so your best bet would be to get it online. It retails for 42USD, I got mine for 68 SGD. I got my palette from Under20 , it is this wonderful online store that sells lotsa US brands.

The packaging is very slim and compact. It also comes with a mirror. This makes is very travel friendly. But do note that each shadow is 0.02oz. Each colour from the Urban Decay Naked Palettes are 0.05oz each.

I really like how the matte shades and the shimmery shades are so neatly seperated. Again, it is very rare to get a palette with such a good combination of colours.


From left: White, Cream, Taupe, L.T Pink, Mauve, Sable, Espresso, Black

The matte shades are in fact very pigmented, the lighter shades doesnt appear well because they are so close to my skin tone.

The matte colours are very silky and easy to apply. The colours are not chalky, so they apply very well without looking dry or patchy. It blends like a dream.

But some of the shades are pretty sheer, but they are definitely buildable, especially layered under a primer, it would help with the pigmentation.

From Left: Nude, Champagne, Gold, L.T Bronze, Pewter, Garnet, Deep Purple, Slate

I love the shimmery shades. I can never resist shimmery shadows.

The formula of the shimmer shadows are to die for. AMAZING. They are super pigemented and the texture is so soft and blendable.

I also like how the shimmer shades are not glittery, but instead more metallic and has a really pretty sheen.This makes it more wearable.

All the shadows are really long wearing and the colours remain vibrant even after an entire day.

The only fault I can find with this palette is that the shadows are rather powdery in the pan. Alot of product is picked up when I pick up the product with my brush. Just be sure to use a light hand.

I would definitely recommend^^ Do consider this if you are still torn between the Naked palettes.

This was the look I did with the palette for CNY day 1


Me at the end of a super long day:/
Have a good weekend~~~

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stash Rediscoveries - Dior Cannage Couture Collection All Over Makeup Palette

Hello there~

Back to talk about another one of my rather neglected palette. This time, its the Dior Cannage Couture Collection All Over Makeup Palette. It's one of Dior's travel duty free exclusive palettes. I got it back in 2011 when I was on my way to Seoul if my memory serves me right. It is still available now at Changi Airport. But I'm not completely sure since I saw it 6 months ago.

I got it for about 90ish SGD.

It is meant to be a day to night palette, offering most of the things required for (quite) a complete makeup look.
This is how it originally looks like. It comes with 6 eyeshadows, a face powder, 4 lip shades and a mascara.

I used originally, cos my palette is quite battered up and I threw out the mascara.

It comes in a very compact clutch looking packaging of course with Dior's signature quilted design. I think the packaging was what made me decide to get it.

The day shades

The night shades


My thoughts on the palette.

The quality of the shadows are really good and the consistency of the shadows are nice and soft. But I do feel that the shadows from the other Dior eyeshadow palettes are superior to this.

I don't think that the the colours are particularly pigmented, but this makes this palette more suitable for work since the colours are very wearable. I personally feel that these shades are very flattering for asian skintones.

The lip colours are pretty sheer, even the darker shades. I personally dislike lip colours in a palette form, just because it is such a hassle to use and to bring around.

The mascara smudged on me :/

The face powder I do like, it is very finely milled and the colour is a good match.

This is a nice palette to get if you want something that is convienient to bring on the go. I would not rush out to get it, just because I tend to require more products than this.

I must admit I do not reach out for this palette very often nor have I brought this travelling before. This is something that I like, but dont love.


I created a very simple neutral day look for day 3 of CNY


I also added half lashes just cos I am very vain like that.

Thats it, Have a good Valentine's Day yall. If you have a date, I am extremely jealous. If you don't have a date, welcome aboard :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kissy Lips

Hi hi hi!

I'm so glad I managed to get this in before Valentine's day. I have been so busy helping my mum out for the festivities and getting my room packed and organized for the Chinese New Year.

I have always wanted to do a post about lip care because I feel that so many people neglect lip care. Which in fact is very very important. I used to have ezcema on my lips and undereye about 2 years back, and with ezcema, it is quite a vicious cycle I must say. It gets insanely rash-y and itchy and then it becomes really dry and flakey. I battled it for quite some time. From then on I have to put extra care in these areas because they have been more sensitive.

There are two common problems that we often face. Pigmentation and chapped lips. These are methods that I have tried, tested and is a part of my routine. I personally feel that it works, so hope it would be helpful^^


I think the problem with pigmentation, is that it doesnt happen overnight, so by the time most people realise the problem, it would often be too late.

With pigmented lips, not only would it be very difficult to showcase the lighter lipstick colours, lipstick colours would tend to be different on the lips as it was in the tube/ swatches. Also, we would look less healthy with pigmented lips cos rosy lips is the best sign of good health right?

1) Cleanse!

Make sure to remove all traces of lipstick everyday and be sure that your lips are completely lipstick/product free at the end of the day. The gradual buildup of coloured lip product would tend to cause pigmentation.

Be sure to use an eye&lip makeup remover especially when you are using very dark/vibrant lipsticks. I always prefer to use the bi facil types of cleansers, those that you need to shake up before using.

My girlfriend swears by this, and I feel that this is a good dupe for the one by Lancome. It is awesome for removing waterproof eyemakeup as well.

2) SPF

In the mornings, I always apply lipbalm before makeup to prep my lips and I always use one with spf. Our lips get tanned as well. Or that is what I believe but no harm having spf right? Especially if we are often exposed to the sun, it is not enough to just have SPF on our face. Our lips need protection as well!

Lipbalm with spf is very common now so be sure to get one!

I have this by Korres, this is the Mandarin Lip Butter Stick in peach - SPF 15. This is perfect for no frills girls because it protects, moistures and is really pretty on the lips. The range with spf have 4 coloured ones and a colourless one.

I also really recommend the ones by Nivea. Their tinted lipbalm offers SPF 10 protection.

3) Avoid dark coloured drinks.

Avoid direct contact at least. Use a straw when drinking coloured drinks. Beverages like coffee and tea really stains the lips in the long run:/

If we drink beverages like coke, and I LOVE diet coke, I always drink it with a straw even when I am drinking it at home. Not only because the colour would stain my lips and teeth, carbonated drinks are also very bad for the teeth.

Chapped lips

1) Exfoliate

This also helps with preventing pigmentation.

I always use a lip scrub before nights out, important event, cos you never know what will happen and you'll need your lips to be nice and soft ;) hehehe I kid. But having all the dead cells slothed off would help your lipstick apply better and look better.

My favourite lip scrub is from LUSH.

If you don't want to get a lip scrub, you can always make your own. Mix a little olive oil and sugar and rub it on your lips. There are so many DIY recipes for lipscrubs out there.

But there are also 2 things I do on a daily basis to exfoliate especially when my lips are very chapped

a) After a warm shower, rub your finger over your lips, and the dead skin should come off very easily. I always do this and come out of the shower with soft lips^^

( there is also the trick with the old toothbrush, the bristles will also help to remove the dead skin, but I just feel that it is too troublesome)

b) Before makeup/ applying lipstick ( especially in emergency situations. Yes I am using the term emergency very loosely here)

Apply a very thick layer of lipbalm, let it sit for a good 10 minutes and them blot off the excess lip balm and the rub your finger in a circular motion over your lips.

The lipbalm would soften the skin cells so it would be much easier to remove them. PLEASE DO NOT PEEL OFF THE CHAPPED SKIN. I often see people doing it and their lips often end up bleeding.

2) Lipbalm

To prevent chapped and dry lips, lipbalm would be the most effective method.

What I do to keep my lips soft is to apply a super thick layer of lipbalm before going to sleep.

For the night,

I would suggest using lip balms that are not in a tube form because it contains more wax and hence would not be as moisturizing. Instead I would use it in the day because it is more convienent to bring around.

Those that are from the squeezy tubes or those that come in tubs would be perfect!


Of course our trusty ol vaseline

And my growing lip balm collection
I know seems very troublesome, but it is not that bad after I got used to it. I personally feel that these methods are very useful. So I hope it this has been helpful to help you get perfect lips for Valentines ;)
Have a great Lunar New Year too ~~~~

Pictures credited to sasa.com and the works

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stash Rediscoveries - Skinfood Sugar Bloom Shadow Box


So, I was organizing my makeup recently, and realised that there are many products that I have not used for a long time. SO I have decided to come up with a new series of stash rediscoveries! Reviews and looks for these oldies but goodies ^^ I'll try to only talk about things that are still available in the stores, because, Korean makeup stores in particular change up their products lines very frequently and what you bought this year may not be available next year.

I shall not digress, I got the Skinfood Sugar Bloom Shadow Box back in 2011 when I went to Korea for my language exchange. I remember using it several times before I got distracted with other eye products.

I really really liked it I must say.

I got mine in No.3 and it is of really good quality for its price. It is 8500 KRW for 3 shadows.


The colours are very pigmented. I particually like the satiny finish of the shadows. The combination of the shadows makes this box very wearable.

I decided to go for a more natural look today so I decided not to layer on the colours to intensify them.

1) I used the taupe shade all over the lids and slightly above the crease

2)Then applied to gold shade over the taupe on the lids, so we still can see the taupe peeking through.

3) I used the dark brown shade to the outer 1/3rd of my crease.

4) I used a gel liner to define my eyes

5) Finally I used a shimmery gold eyeliner for my lower lids  to brighten the look up.


This is the look I did for round 1 of renion dinners!

Products used:
Face: Tony Moly Whipping BB cream, M.A.C Mineralised skin finish natural

Cheeks: ELF Blush and Bronzing Duo, M.A.C Mineralised Blush - Warm Soul

Eyes: Two Faced Shadow Insurance, Skinfood Sugar Bloon Shadow Box - No.3, Tony Moly Backstage gel eyeliner - No.2 Brown, Sephora nano eyeliner, NYC Showtime Volumizing Mascara

Lips: Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain - No.1

Have a good week~

Sunday, February 3, 2013

How to store Cream Shadows


Since I have been getting more cream shadows, I wanted to share how I store my cream shadows to make sure that they do not dry out quickly!

It is actually very simple, just store them upside down, bottoms up!

I remember some makeup guru on youtube said that this was how she stored her cream shadows. This way, the oils that prevents the product from drying out would not settle to the bottom. Then, the product on on top would remain un-dry? hehe

I think this really works because I have had the M.A.C paintpots for about 1.5 years, and they are as good as new. No signs of drying out at all! Do try it out~~

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Maybelline Eyestudio Colour Tattoo

Hi ho!!

I'm back to talk about the Maybelline Colour Tattoos!

If you often watch makeup gurus on Youtube, this should not the foreign, becuase it was launched the first half of last year in the states and was a mega hit.

Maybelline refers to it as a cream gel shadow, and there is a total of 8 super gorgeous shades available in Singapore. Check out the shades HERE There are more available in the states if im not wrong.

Before I start on the reviews and swatches, I need to say how hard it was to get my hands on them. I really wanted the shade 'Bad to the Bronze' cos it is a super wearable shade of bronzey taupe. I went to at least 10 places that sold maybelline and countless Watsons and Guardians and they were all sold out. The racks were all empty. Me being me, the more I can't find it, the more I was determined to get it. SOOOOOO I finally managed to get it from BHG in clementi mall ^^ I really do hope they restock it soon cos everyone has to try this. This totally lived up to the hype.


When Maybelline calls this product 24 hrs, IT IS 24 hrs. This thing lasts so well and unlike the earlier generations of cream shadows, we dont have to layer a powder shadow above it to increase the pigmentation of the colour or to exrtend the longetivity of the cream shadow( we can use it as a base though).

Before this product came along, I was very skeptical of cream shadows because even the M.A.C paintpots would crease on me if I didnt use it with a primer and the colours were just not pigmented enough.

But the colour tattoos are super pigemented and they last forever. Perfect for tropical weathers because the humidity does not sumdge the product. My eye makeup lasted me a good 12 hours and lasted perfectly even though my face was a greaseball.

Here are the pix!


Super pigemented and really wearable!

Here's the look I did, i'm sorry the lighting washed the colours out. It was 530 am and this is the look 10 hours after i've put it on.

I used the product all over the lids and added a matt dark brown shadow at the outer corners and a light gold as highlight.

These are all unnecessary but I wanted more drama to to the look so I decided to add more shadow^^

This the the FOTD heh.

Thats all! Have a good weekened :)

PS: I am trying to improve on my terrible photography skills so that I can take better pix of my face that better showcases the eye makeup. Sorry for the bad pictures :(