Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Face Shop 4 Minutes Smokey Eye


 Finally doing another look this time with the TFS 4 min smokey eye palette that I mentioned in my TFS haul HERE!

I'll start with the look first then do the review!

Lets go!

Here's how the palette looks like, it is really inexpensive at 24 900KRW

Here's the palette, it comes with 4 shadows, 2 sets of applicators, an eyeliner and a mascara.

Here's the swatches, my favourite colour is the olive-y green colour. I like how it complements asian skin and this colour in particular is very pigmented and gives off this really gorgeous sheen.

I am also very fond of the highlighter shade. It is a shimmery light pink with a gold sheen.

Here's a very basic smokey eye look that I have came up with

I know I should put a better picture but I just couldnt take a good picture of myself today :'(

I'll briefly go through the steps!

1) Line upper and lower lashline with pencil eyeliner, smudge out line and press black eyeshadow onto the line that you have just drawn

It should look something like this. Depending on how dramatic you want the look to be and the shape of your eye, you can choose to thicken/ extend the line.

The reason why I put shadow on the eyeliner is to extend the longevity of the liner and smudge out the line so it looks more smokey.

Also I didn't line the entire length of my lower lashline, because I don't have very big eyes and by lining the entire lower lashline, it would make my eyes appear smaller cos the eye is 'framed' by the liner.

2) Apply lid colour

I don't like to bring the lid colour up too high, instead I perfer to bring it just right below my orbital bone. I think it looks more flattering that way.

I also added more black at the outer corner for more depth.

3) Highlight, mascara & falsies

Thats my naked iris staring at you hehe. Not wearing circle lenses for once.

I have been quite into using half lashes instead of full lashes recently. I like how it looks more natural but still gives my lashes the extra boost it needs.

It is really easy to create smokey eye. With any shadows you have it is really easy and quick to recreate this look!

My reviews for this palette

Honestly, I didnt like it.

1) The eye liner smudges too easily

The liner is very soft and pigmented BUT it doesnt set, meaning that it smudges on your lids when you open your eyes. I personally would not use this in Singapore because the humidity plus this eyeliner would be a disaster.

2) The eyeshadows and too soft.

I know it sounds weird describing eyeshadows as soft, but they are. With a consistency like this, it doesnt last on the lids. It might work for those with less oily eyelids. A good eye primer is definitely needed.

I would think this palette would be more suitable for cooler climates simply becuase I dont think that the shadows and liners would be able to withstand the heat and humidity.

I would try this palette out again, give it another shot but I wont be rushing out to get it.

Thats all for now have a good week yall :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain


I'm finally peeling myself off my couch and writing this post all becase of you Yi Hui ;)

Anyway, this product was realeased the in the second half  of 2012 and it was crazy hit in the states.

I got my first one from Japan when I was in osaka, I really enjoyed it and was googling if I could find Revlon in Korea. So anyway, I came back to Singapore and was really excited to find out that they are available here! Yay!


Here's the 2 shades that I got

I got 01 Honey/Douce (Yes I spelt it as douche at first)  from Japan and 025 Sweetheart/ Valentine. I was watching a review of this, and apparently 025 is the most popular shade in Japan^^


I think the lighting washed out the colours as they are much more vibrant in real life.
I really like these lipstains because traditional liquid lipstains are usually very drying, and it can be quite troublesome to apply.
But these are very moisturizing and they are a breeze to apply. It is shaped like a jumbo pencil, so it allows for more precision.
The most important part and my favourite part is the stain that it leaves behind. I am extremely lazy at touching up my makeup, so this is really convienent~
OH YES and the main reason why I wanna introduce this to you YH, is because the colour doesn't transfer, so 뽀뽀 할때 완전 편해^^ and you would still look fabulous after that.
Oh it also smells awesome! Very pepperminty :)
I do feel that is is slightly pricey at 18.90 SGD for a drugstore lipstick, but it is really worth it with especially with how versatile it is.

Ending this with a picture of me using 01 :D
Do try it!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Exchange Aritaum Haul~


Haul again~ This time it's from Aritaum. I love this place so much. It is basically a store where they sell most of the brands under Amore Pacific. So we can get brands like Laneige, Iope, Aritaum's house brand makeup and skincare, Mamonde and a ton of other brands.

I always prefer to get my Laneige stuff from here just so I can pick up other stuff and get more samples because the staff always give a ton of samples when you buy more.

This exchange, I have discovered Iope and it has officially became my favourite brand for skincare:)

Here goes!

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack _EX
A must buy! There was this 1 for 1 promotion going on at the Aritaum in my area. 4 samples add up to one full sized product. So do look out for such promotions!
Iope Bio Essence
The SKII dupe. I am currently still using it but I have not seen significant result. So i'll keep on using it and see what results it yield~
Iope - Pore Clinic Deep Clean Oil
This is supposed to deep cleanse your pores and clear out all the gunk that is clogged. I'll review it once I start using it!
Iope - Pore Clinic Tightening Essence
This is supposed to be used together with the deep clean oil as a treatment.
Laneige Foam Cleanser -  Moisture
I always like moisturing cleansers to use in the mornings so it doesnt dry out my face and in turn make my face oilier during the day.
Laneige White Plus Renew Foam Cleanser
Mamonde First Energy Serum.
I saw Choi SiWon on the advertisment for this and I was sold. Okay it was also sale because it was newly launched. I am excited to try this out!
Aritaum Natural Fresh Mask
I love these masks, I bought a ton and recommend it to every one. Super affordable and the mask sheet is so thin, you can see your face through it. Normally the thinner the mask sheet, the better your skin can absorb all the essence in it.  Not all every 'flavour' is good though. My favourite is the tea tree.
Thats all for now!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Everyday Makeup For Beginners


So now that school has started, I was late for my first lecture because I spent too much time doing my hair and makeup.

 Bad I know but that is why, I have decided to go back to basics and do very simple looks for days when I have very little time to get ready.

Sorry the pictures are taken after school. Of course I didnt have time to take them before I left the house. I blame my bad sleeping routine. I have been so oily recently my face is a greaseball. Ugh

Super minimal, neutral and simple! I personally feel that this is perfect for beginners because I am only using 2 shadows for this look.

I'll talk about the eyes first.

The colours I am using for the look:
Nature Republic - Nature Island Eyeshadow PK104 (Lid)
M.A.C - Beauty Marked (Liner)

For the lids and under eye, I love using pearly champagne colours like this one from Nature Republic. I just feel that it is universally flattering and yknow you can just throw it on knowing that it always look good.

Colours like these are can be very easily found in most neutral palettes. I always use Sin from the Urban Decay Naked 1 palette.

For Liner, just use any dark colours, I just felt like using Beauty Marked. I normally reach for browns. There is a really good dupe for Beauty Marked at Nature Republic ! It is also from the Nature Island range, superrrrrrrrr gorgeous.

For tools, I am used 2 brushes.

Eyeshadow brush from E.L.F cosmetics to apply the lid colour. My favourite eyeshadow brush, and it is only 1 USD! yay!

Angled Brush from The Face Shop to apply the liner.


This is the complete eye makeup look.

I would suggest this for beginners because it is so fool proof! Just sweep the lid colour all over the lids. and the under eye. I use my fingers sometimes when I am really lazy.

Next, using the angled brush, just press the colour along your lashline. An easy way to do this is to create small lines along your lash line and connect the lines together! Really simple^^

And lastly, apply mascara and it is all done!

Some of the products used for the look.

Face: Kanebo Freshel Mineral BB cream UV, Laura Mercier undercover pot, M.A.C Mineralised Skin Finish Natural

Cheeks: Nature Republic Apple Dome blusher in No 1 Pink Apple

Lips: NARS Angelika

Eyes: Etude House Drawing Eye Brow #03, Two Faced Shadow Insurance, Nature Republic - Nature Island Eyeshadow PK104, M.A.C - Beauty Marked , Chanel Inmitable mascara

Have a good weekend! TGIF TGIF~~

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Exchange The Face Shop Haul~


Here's my Face Shop haul! These hauls are about to end I promise~


4 Minute Smokey Kit (24 900KRW)
4분 스모키 완성

I always love it when the provide steps on how to create looks at the end of the box! I always follow the steps the first time I use a palette. I think it's OCD
Forgot to take a picture of the palette. Here's one from the THE FACE SHOP's website.
The Face Shop Eyelash Adhesive (2200 KRW)
My favourite eyelash glue. Really glad they changed the packaging from the squeezy tube to the one with a brush. No more dried up glue clogging the nozzle!
Lovely me:ex Design My Eyebrow (auto) (2 700 KRW)
러블리 믹스 디자인 마이 아이브로우(오토)
#2 Dark Brown
02 다크 브라운
#4 Brown
 04 브라운
Always trying out eyebrow products!
Lovely me:ex Make Me Star Waterproof Gel Liner (5 500 KRW)
러블리 믹스 메이크 미 스타 워터프루프 젤 라이너
#2 Choco Latte
02 초코 라떼
Similar to the Nature Republic eyeliner, I think I forgot I got this liner when I got that. Happens all the time:/
Face It Radiance Loose Powder (13 900 KRW)
페이스잇 래디언스 루스파우더
I got this because it was on this crazy sale. I don't remember how much it was exactly but it was really cheap. The price stated is the price before discount. I am not sure when TFS has discount. But they do have sales on random products periodically. This colour is actually pretty light, but there is an other colour NB23 available!

Face It Oil Cut Dual BB Emulsion SPF 20 PA++
This product MAY have been discontinued because I cannot find it on TFS's website anymore. But I think this would be perfect for the Makeup for the Tropics series that I have started HERE . It is a dual product and has a concealer concealed in the cap ( No pun intended hehe).
From Left:
Clean Face Blemish Zero Clarifying Toner (12 900 KRW)
클린페이스 블레미쉬 제로 클래리파잉 토너
Clean Face Blemish Zero Clinic Solution ( 14 900KRW)
클린페이스 블레미쉬 제로 클리닉 솔루션
From Left:
Rice Water Bright Cleansing Water (6 900KRW)
미감수 브라이트 쌀뜨물클렌져

Rice Water Bright Lip and Eye Remover ( 6 900KRW)
미감수 브라이트 립앤아이 리무버
Okay I may have gone a bit overboard with buying 3 of each. BUT they were selling in packs of 3 in the Myeongdong store. Really good strategy TFS. And I was with my dad who totally offered to buy them for me so yeah. *Guilty* But on the brighter side, I always stock up on 'perishables' like makeup remover, oil blotters and nose strips since I use them so often.

The Smim Fermented Concentrate Total Treatment
This is TFS's version of SKII I believe. I was using this all through exchange but I didnt feel a significant improvement to my skin. So I think you can get something better elsewhere.

Smim Radiating Moisturizing Essence( 32 000KRW)
스밈 광채 보습 에센스
Like the total treatment, I didn't really feel a difference to my skin. It's something I can live without. I cannot believe I paid full price for this.
Here's the end of my haul!!!
Till next time then!