Sunday, December 30, 2012

Korean Beauty Haul!


Back with another haul! My movie trip with my girlfriend to Myeongdong has ended up with me NOT watching a movie and me buying all these new stuff that I probably cannot lug back home to Singapore.

Oh well, I always tell myself that I probably won't be back to Korea until May, so here goes!

Got stuff from Nature Republic, Missha, Banila Co and Innisfree

First up, the stuff from Nature Republic, they are having a 30%-50% sale and it has been ongoing for a while now. I always end up with something from Nature Republic, one of the korean beauty brands that I prefer.

Nature Republic - The First Fermented Bubble Cleanser (9 800 won)
I think I have been a little late jumping onto the whole bubble cleanser bandwagon. I was out with my friend, and he was looking to buy the bubble cleaser from Skin 79.
It was the first time I heard of a bubble cleanser. Prior to this, I have only tried of the bubble masks, where it first comes out of the bottle in a gel from, and it froms little bubbles when it reacts with the atmostphere. The bubbles are supposed to cleanse the pores. I got my bubble masks from Innisfree and The Saem.
This cleanser works differently as well. It's directions are to apply the cleanser on dry skin and massage the cleanser when the bubbles are formed. Sounds cool but a whole lot of work though :/
Nature Republic - The First Cream (15 400 won)
I also got the ampoule essence from this range, but havent started on it yet will get down to try it soon!
Recently in Korea, there has been a craze throughout all the Korean beauty brands to come up with SK II dupes. THE FIRST line is the Nature Republic version.
Like the SKII line, THE FIRST line is suposed to ' brighten the skin complexion and makes the skin clear and transparent'
The First line uses saccharomyces ferment which is essentially a type of yeast typically used in winemaking and baking. Really similar to pitera that is used in SKII so I'm really having pretty high hopes for this line~
The more popular ones that I am currently using and have heard good reviews about is the one from IOPE, called the Bio Essence. I would do a review on it soon^^ I am LOVING it.


Nature Republic - Snail Therapy 80 Ampoule (23 100 won)
What's korean skincare without the snail-y products. I finally caved into getting something from the snail line. Since it was on 30% sale^^
The main reason why I have put off buying anything from the snail lines is because every Korean beauty brand has its own version of it and I seriously had troubles making my decsion.
The popular ones that I have heard of are the ones from Tony Moly and Holika Holika.
Instead of getting the entire range, which I don't normally do because I like to mix and match different lines, I always choose to get either the serum, essence or the ampoule of a partiucular line. Since it is supposed to be the most concentrated and suposedly most effective.

Nature Republic - Extreme Black 3 Dot Eyeliner (6 160 won)

I have always wanted to try out eyeliner with the dotted brush. It is supposed to help fill in the gaps between the lashes, perfect for defining the eyes!

Innisfree - Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (hard) (12 000 won)
Got this after through my friend's recommendation. The innisfree jeju volcanic pore clay range is one of the most popular line of the brand. I use the cleanser back home in Singapore and really enjoyed it.

Banila Co - Friday Night Cream Blusher (Corally Red) (14 000 won)

From their newest 2012 winter collection, its really creamy and pigmented. There are 3 colours in the collection.

Banila Co - 시크릿 하이라이터 브러쉬/ Secret Highlighter Brush (20 000 won)
If there is one thing that I love about Banila Co, it would be their brushes. They come up with the softest, best quaility brushes at really affordable prices. I would say that they are comparable to Mac's brushes. LOVE
Till next time then!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tokyo Drugstore Haul


Finally back from a week in Tokyo, and the only thing I have to say is EXPENSIVE, but I have to admit the japanese drugstores are pretty awesome. Rows and rows of makeup, skincare, beauty gadgets you name it. Make-up heaven.

Granted some of their stuff is cheaper than Singapore, drugstore makeup is definitely not cheap in Japan. Japanese brands are a must buy as they are significantly cheaper. Japanese drugstores- definitely a must go, such an eye opener.

Since I have already hauled back quite abit of stuff from my last trip to Osaka back in September, I only got stuff that I really wanted to try, Ended up with quite a bit of stuff I must say. So here goes^^

Matsumoto Kiyoshi -  One of the biggest drugstores and they can be easily found all over Tokyo. I went to the one at Shinjuku and Shibuya.

Canmake Perfect Serum BB cream - 01 Light

Been wanting to get this since I saw a review on it, seems to promise a whole lot. Love that it contains SPF 50 PA+++. Will do a review on it once I try it! Not sure if they are selling it Singapore though.

Kanebo Freshel Mineral BB Cream - Natural Beige
Again another product with high SPF, I noticed most Japanese BB creams have pretty high SPFs as comapred to Korean BB creams which normally have a wider range of sun protection. The whole whitening thing sold me on this. I can never resist whitening lines.
Wore it once in Japan, light to medium coverage. Since it is winter and Japan is really dry, I am not sure how this product will hold up for oiler skintypes and in a warmer climate since. Will review this again once I am back in Singapore^^

Shiseido - Aqua Label Moist Compact Foundation SPF 20 PA++
I didn't need another powder foundation since I only use them to set my makeup but i decided to give this one a try since it promises to conceal pores. Yay for the additional SPF!

Canmake Perfect Styling Eyes - 04
My first canmake product, I never really tried canmake when I was back home in Singapore. I guess I felt that it was pretty expensive for a drugstore product. But since it was so cheap in Japan ( 819 yen) I decided to give it a try. Loved it.

Really pretty sparkly neutral colours. Typical of Japanese eyeshadows it is really glittery and sparkly. Without a primer it does apply pretty sheer. Lasted pretty well in the colder weather. But if you prefer pigmented / less sparkly eyeshadows this palette and most Japanese eyeshadows would not do.
Also there are alot of glittery fallouts especially when using the 'topping jewel' colour in the middle. On the back of the case, it says that colour is meant for the bottom lids. Do use it with caution.

Canmake Four Shiny Eyes - 11
I decided to try another palette from Canmake since I really liked the first palette. Cute nifty packaging.
The swatched appears rather chalky and sheer. But with a primer it turned out significantly better. However it is rather difficult to build up the intensity of these colours and with its formula it is quite difficult to blend the colours.
Canmake Powder Cheeks - PW 28 Sweet Coral
Eeks I dropped it before i could even open it and chipped it :/
A really pretty shimmery coral - pink. Not chalky pretty decent colour payoff. Very inexpensive as well( 577 yen).
Canmake Powder Cheeks - PW16 Nable Orange
I got this beacuse I tend to go for either pink, peach and mostly coral blushes and I really wanted to try out an orange blush for a change. Was pleasantly suprised by the swatch I did at the store because this is such an easy to wear shade. Would wear it for a light makeup day for a natural flush.
I think being in Korea for such a long time as spoiled me in terms of being able to get really good quality and inexpensive makeup. I was not as excited as I would have been but no regrets with these^^
Visee Real Extension Mascara
I had to get a new mascara because my holy grail Maybeline falsies mascara has dried out on me. I didnt want to get another falsies mascara because i got mine in Taipei and it was a limited edition, so  I dont think the formulation would be the same.
Anyway, I got this after scouring the entire store. It was so hard to choose because I has so many choices. I decided on this because it promised the most. I also prefer mascaras with a curved wand.
I was disappointed at first i have to admit. It didnt do ANYTHING it promised. The voluming and lengthenig effects was rather insignificant. It is not terrible, but since it wasn't cheap i expected more? I'm also abit iffy about its curling effects. But it is really ahrd for me to guage since my lashes seldom hold up ANY curl.
 After using it for a few more days and its formula dried out abit, it became easier to work with since it wasn't as wet as before. I'll continue using it and hopefully it gets better!

EyesCream Liquid Eyeliner - Chocolate
I had a really hard time trying to decide between this and the dolly wink brown liquid eyeliner. Decided to go for this since the Dollywink liner smudges on me when it is hotter.
It is amazing. Really precise and pigmented. It doesnt budge. LOVE IT
Shiseido Baby Pressed Powder (Medicated)

Decided to try this out since I have heard so many good things about the Pigeon pressed baby powder. Thought this would be a good product on days when my skin get more sensitive. But it is WHITE. It is rather tricky when using it, I dont want to appear ghastly. It is really good at absorbing oil though.  Best to use a big brush with it. There is so much product 50g and it is really cheap at 350 yen.

Kanebo Coffret D'or Bright Up Rouge (Creamy Liquid) - RS 269
My most expensive purchase at the drugstore(2625 yen). Very pigmented and applies very smoothly. Thumbs up:)
Shiseido #131 Foundation Brush
 Was struggling on whether to get it in Osaka, since I recently purchased a similar brush from Missha. When I saw it again in Tokyo I decided to get it since it was on sale ^^

Elensilia Repair Cream - Multi Function Cream with Snail Extract
Kaoge Yagore Peel Off Mask
Did nothing for my skin and really hurts when peeling the mask off. Would not recommend.
Scar cream
Hopefully this works in lightening the scars I have accumulated from being such an accident prone klutz :/

In all I would have to say that Japanese Makeup does beat Korean Makeup in terms of variety and their sheer creativity. In Korea, one company comes up with a new product and soon after you will be able to get a similar product from all the other companies at a cheaper price or in a better version.
After living in Korea for a while, I have to say I have gotten pretty used to using more Asian brands. Im really happy for these new addtions to my makeup collection ^^